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Small business public relations tip: Be the expert

Blogger Mark Auerbach provides tips on how to gain media exposure as an expert in your field, exposure that will support your small business.

Defining success for your small business

Blogger Mark Auberbach writes about defining success for your small business and provides tips on making New Year’s resolutions to help you reach your goals in 2013.

The season is here (almost) to choose holiday gifts for clients & others

Blogger Mark Auerbach provides valuable advice about giving holiday gifts to clients, vendors and colleagues.

Pro-bono: Why you should consider giving away your services and how to do it smartly

Mark Auerbach writes about the benefits of doing pro-bono work and gives three tips on how to go about it wisely so it’s a win-win experience.

Negotiating the rapids on the self-employment river part 2: Keeping connected when self-employed

Blogger Mark Auerbach offers suggestions on techniques to help avoid feeling isolated when you’re self-employed.

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