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Perfecting your media pitch

Mark G. Auerbach explains how to increase the odds of success when pitching your business story to a reporter.

Your staff is part of your public relations effort

Mark G. Auerbach talks about how to ensure your employees are serving as good company ambassadors in their customer and community interactions.

Plan your communications for “Giving Tuesday”

Mark G. Auerbach offers advice for how nonprofits should communicate with potential donors on Giving Tuesday 2020.

Year-end marketing in a “not business as usual year”

Mark G. Auerbach offers sage advice for small business owners, nonprofits and solopreneurs on how to handle year-end marketing in this most unusual year of 2020.

Rolling with the punches: Reshaping your small business to fit the new normal

Mark G. Auerbach discusses how to shift your small business to find new income sources during the pandemic.

Should you hire a public relations expert?

Mark G. Auerbach offers advice on how to hire the right publicist for your small business.

Some “how to succeed” advice from business newbies

Mark Auerbach interviews three young adults and learns they have great advice for how to succeed during the pandemic.

Stay in touch with your base as the pandemic continues

Mark Auerbach suggests strategies for keeping in touch with your customer base as the pandemic continues.

Keeping your team in the loop and motivated when they work at home

Mark G. Auerbach interviews two people who are successfully leading teams from home during the pandemic.

Podcasting 101, Part 4: Enhancing your podcast

Mark G. Auerbach offers tips on how to find voice-over talent and music to enhance your small business podcast.

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