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Keep your small business moving: Forward momentum is possible even in tough times

It is vital that business owners and executives keep their businesses and teams moving forward. Karen Utgoff discusses two ways to keep your forward momentum.

Your client base: Mining this important source of valuable information

Laurie Breitner gives advice on how to study your client/customer base to gain valuable information that will help move your small business forward.

Good small business reads #14: How to provide great customer service, preparing for disasters and more

Here is this month’s potpourri of articles of articles that should be of help to small business owners.

Communicating significant change to employees in your small business

Here are three rules to follow when communicating big change to employees of your small business.

Mid-year review: Taking stock on a year half over

Don’t be one of those people who gets to the end of the year and is surprised that things haven’t happened as planned. Mid-course reviews – and any necessary corrections – are important.

Having a Plan B if sometimes not enough for small business owners

Small business owners often have to figure out alternative solutions due to a lack of adequate resources to support the ideal approach to solving a problem or to implementing a new strategy. Before you launch into something new or try to solve a nagging issue, it is wise to ask yourself, “So what will I do if this approach doesn’t work? What is my Plan B? And if Plan B doesn’t work, what is my Plan C?”

6 ways to find inspiration to fuel innovation in your small business

As you systematically reach out to employees, customers and other stakeholders for ideas and insights to fuel innovation in your small business, keep in mind these six ways to get the most out of such efforts and to enable these stakeholders to be more sensitive to ideas when they come along.

Encouraging innovation: Rebuilding your airplane while in flight

The ability of a business to thrive depends to a large degree on its culture and employees. Successful companies create a culture and establish practices that foster innovation.

Is your small business ready for a crisis?

In my experience, small business owners tend to ignore the possibility of a disaster befalling their company. They don’t contemplate, much less plan for, the type of disaster that many business owners are now experiencing here in Western Massachusetts.

Small Business Success Q&A #17: Manor Hall Soap Company

This small business success profile is of Susan Mann of Manor Hall Soap Company in Springfield, MA.

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