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How are you funding your startup?

Here are options to consider when thinking about how to finance the startup of your small business.

Deal-making tips for small business owners

Blogger Michelle van Schouwen provides great tips on how to negotiate deals for your small business, along with links to valuable resources where you can learn more about this important topic.

Project management: Creating a great web site takes solid teamwork

Silvana Gravini writes about the important role of the project manager in developing your website.

How to hire the best Internet partner: Part V

Silvana Gravini writes about the website design/development process that should be clearly explained in any proposal from your potential website vendor.

How to hire the best Internet partner: Part IV

Identifying skill sets and project management capabilities are two of the essentials to explore when hiring a Website designer, writes blogger Silvana Gravini.

How to hire the best Internet partner: Part III

Silvana Gravini recommends three important things to consider when hiring a website designer.

How to hire the best Internet partner: Part II

Silvana Gravini writes about the various types of Internet partners you need to hire to build your brand online and what you can expect from them.

How to hire the best Website designer/developer: Part I

If you are re-thinking your Website/SEO/Social Media position, here are some things to consider as you search for a professional provider.

Website design tips to help your SEO efforts

Silvana Gravini provides tips on how to make sure your website’s layout, content, and content formats are not dragging your search engine page rank below acceptable standards.

Conversion rate: You want to know about this!

Guest blogger Silvana Gravini writes about how to increase your web site conversation rate.

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