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Small Business Success Q&A #7: Gravity Switch

Gravity Switch is a highly respected firm that has established a name for itself in the world of Web design and interactive technology. Known for producing high-end, custom Web and CD-ROM solutions, they work with local and national companies, educational institutions and non-profits.

Good reads: Issue #2 – The power of social media

One thing I really like about Twitter is that I come across links to thought-provoking or helping business articles I would not have found otherwise.

Small Business Success Q&A #6: Reva Reck Consulting

Here’s Reva Reck’s Small Business Success Q&A. I especially find the advice on listening to clients valuable. Don’t we all experience businesses almost daily who fail to hear what their customers are really saying?

Let a ghostwriter put spirit into your business message

Everybody knows that many famous executives have behind-the-scenes help from ghostwriters when they write books on how they succeeded in business, give lucrative keynote speeches, or submit opinion pieces to The Wall Street Journal. What many people don’t realize is that lots of not-so-famous executives and professionals also rely on ghostwriters to help them spread their business messages.

Small Business Success Q&A #5: Pelland Advertising

Any small business that has been around for 30 years must be doing something very right. For Pelland Advertising, the key to their long-term success is going to extremes to understand their clients’ businesses, industries and specific needs.

Free book chapter offered on how to network with a purpose

Stefan’s advice is simple: Only network if you have a purpose. Here’s how he explains this in his new book, The Open Innovation Revolution: Essentials, Roadblocks and Leadership Skills (available on

Small Business Success Q&A #4: The O-Tones

Many people might not think of a band as a business, but to stay around this long, the O-Tones definitely have to be thinking of themselves as business people. I hope you enjoy learning about their keys to success.

Networking 101: Anyone can do it. Seriously. Even you.

Many people don’t realize that networking is a learnable skill, just like any other business ability. They mistakenly believe that some people are natural-born networkers and others (usually themselves) are not.

Small Business Success Q&A #3: Rob Condon of Longley Associates

I met Rob Condon about six or seven years ago through the Northampton Chamber of Commerce. He was new to the Chamber but jumped right in, serving on committees and eventually becoming treasurer. Rob and I live in neighboring towns so we started having breakfast together once in a while at the popular Roadhouse Café, where the pancakes are terrific. It’s been a while since we had pancakes together, but I hope we renew the tradition soon because I always found Rob had something interesting to say. Here’s his profile.

Business cards: Don’t leave home without ‘em

We all know what they about first impressions…you only get one chance to make a good one. Make sure yours is a positive impression by having your business cards at the ready at all times.

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