Create a memorable marketing event for your small business

By Henry Brown

Marketing events are all about creating a memorable experience for your audience. If you can handle organizing one of these events (they are a lot of hard work!), here are a few tricks that will ensure your event leaves a lasting impression.

Find the perfect venue

Aside from trade shows in which the venue is already chosen for you, many marketing events give you the freedom to choose your own venue. Many people opt for purpose-built conference halls and lecture theatres, but while these are practical choices, they can be a little boring. Pubs and hotels are slightly more exciting – they’re social environments in which you don’t have to provide your own catering. However, to truly make an impression, why not try somewhere completely unique? More companies are opting for rural settings such as converted barns or even outdoor marquees. Art galleries and museums meanwhile often have meeting space for rent. There may even be a historic building in which you can host an event.

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People need to remember your brand, so make sure that you invest in some banners or balloons. If you’re attending a trade fair, you may be able to pay a company to design a trade show booth for you with your branding on it. As for more informal events, consider wearing custom t-shirts with your brand logo on it. You can even consider small features like branded napkins at a sit-down meal or branded plastic cups at a launch party.

Show off the latest technology

People are often awed by new technology. Consider ways to bring technology into your marketing event. You may be able to get your audience members to ask questions and conduct polls via Twitter and display the results on a digital Twitter wall. Alternatively, you may be able to conduct an entirely virtual conference using video communication.

Invite a special guest

Inviting special guests to your event could also make it more memorable. These could be local celebrities such as the mayor, local politicians, owners of key local businesses or local sporting icons. It’s likely you’ll need to invite these guests a good few months ahead. Make sure they can definitely come before advertising that they will be there – you don’t want to disappoint people with a no show and have your event remembered for all the wrong reasons.

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It’s often possible to give people a physical memento that will help them to remember your event. Goody bags are popular at trade shows – these could contain items such as business cards, branded pens and office toys. In fact, the bag itself could be branded. You may even be able to give away vouchers offering a discount on your service, which your guests may be encouraged to use at a later date. Even simply offering food and drink can often help to make a business event more memorable.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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