Creating a successful marketing campaign

By: Edel Flood

No matter the size or scale of your business, it’s fairly safe to say you should be looking to raise awareness of your brand among new and existing customers and clients. The key to being successful in this is creating and implementing effective marketing campaigns. However, doing so is not something that ought to be done hastily.

Indeed, rushing ahead with a poorly thought out marketing initiative – even if there are particular goals you wish to achieve urgently – means you run the risk of failing to communicate effectively with your target audience. It’s also worth bearing in mind that a lack of planning may also lead to the inefficient use of time, money and other resources. This, quite obviously, is something you will be keen to avoid, especially when you’re operating a small business with a limited marketing budget. So it’s important to consider every aspect of your campaign carefully before it starts in earnest.

Set your goals – It should go without saying, but I don’t think you should ever underestimate how crucial it is to have a clear idea of what you hope to achieve from your marketing campaign. For some companies, it may be making customers aware of a new product, while others will want to encourage existing clients to spend more money on their services. Whatever you have in mind for your organization, it’s a good idea to set targets well in advance that enable you to judge how successful your campaign will be.

Offer appealing products/services – Again, this sounds fairly obvious, but there’s little point in implementing a marketing campaign if what you’re offering doesn’t meet your target audience’s needs in some way. To be sure your initiative will be successful, it’s a good idea to carry out thorough market research to establish what your customers are interested in. With this knowledge, you can tailor your products and services to ensure they meet customer needs.

Keep things simple – Whether your company is targeting low and middle-income earners or those with a vast amount of disposable cash, you should keep your campaigns as simple as possible, even if you’re selling expensive high-end products. Doing so will ensure that your campaign is understood by as wide an audience as possible. You should also make certain that every facet of your strategy has a call to action that will encourage further interaction with your company. After all, if people aren’t able to get in touch with you to find out more about what you’re offering, there’s little point in running a marketing campaign in the first place!

Budget wisely – Another vital consideration when it comes to running a successful marketing campaign is budgeting. Of course, if you don’t keep a watchful eye on your costs, you may end up spending significantly more money than you originally envisaged. If you’re looking to set up a memorable, yet cost-effective, strategy, I advise that you distribute promotional products to your target audience.

Research carried out by the Advertising Speciality Institute indicates using promotional products can offer a much better return on investment (ROI) in comparison to many other forms of advertising, including TV, radio and print. Specialty items offer these advantages, according to the study:

• More than eight out of ten (84%) of those surveyed remembered the advertisers of the promotional products they received.

• They leave a longer impression; more than three-quarters of the people surveyed by ASI said they had specialty items more than six months after receiving them. Over one-half (56%) of promotional products are kept at home and over 28% at the office.

• Forty-two percent of those surveyed said they had a more favorable impression of the advertiser after receiving a specialty item.

The more useful a promotional gift, the better. Business accessories like promotional USB sticks are highly likely to get repeated use, bringing your name in front of your customer over and over. In fact, in the ASI study, 81% of respondents said they kept promotional products because they were considered useful.

What have your experiences of marketing campaigns and specialty items been like? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


Edel Flood writes for SquareDigital, a digital publishing company.


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    For some organizations, it may be creating clients conscious of a new item, while others will want to motivate current clients to waste your money on their solutions. Whatever you have in thoughts for your company, it's a wise decision to set objectives well in enhance that allow you to assess how effective your strategy will be.

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    Yes, the successful campaign should be done through by giving any 'giveaways' concept. Like to give promotional gift item to customers.

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