Don’t neglect these often-overlooked safety concerns

By Henry Brown

Workplace safety is vital for any business to maintain. There are many different things that companies need to cover if they want to create safe workspaces, and staying on top of it all can be challenging. Some safety issues are often overlooked due to more obvious or dangerous concerns receiving too much attention. However, these neglected safety concerns are just as important to take care of for a safe working environment. They should be taken into account when planning for health and safety needs so that nothing is left out. Here are some of the issues that can be overlooked that require your attention.

Poor lifting techniques

Much of what’s needed to keep a workplace safe is correct practices by workers. They need to know how to do things safely to maintain a safe working environment and prevent accidents. While things like operating machinery might be a priority, there are other things that can be neglected. One safety concern that shouldn’t be forgotten is the safe manual lifting of anything within the workplace. Poor lifting techniques can lead to back injuries and more, which affects both the employees and the business as a whole due to absences and other consequences.

Uniform cleanliness

When employees are required to wear uniforms and personal protective equipment for their jobs, the clothes and equipment need to be in good condition. Maintaining hygiene can be extremely important in many businesses, and it’s also necessary for workers to look their best. Using industrial laundering services to take care of PPE and uniforms ensures that everyone looks their best and also helps to keep the business hygienic. Affordable laundry services will help to maintain efficiency while also keeping costs down. In some industries, it’s also essential that employees change into their uniforms at work to maintain hygiene.

Air quality

Air quality is an issue that became more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Good ventilation and air quality is a must to help maintain a healthy working environment. Previously, many businesses might only have considered air quality for people working in confined spaces or working environments where hazardous materials might be present. Poor air quality can be caused by the work that is being carried out within a space, in which case it’s important to try to mitigate the effects of the work. This might mean better ventilation or perhaps protective equipment such as masks or eye protection for workers. Companies such as DUCTZ of Noblesville can provide the expertise you need to tackle all issues related to air quality.

Workplace distractions

Some safety concerns in the workplace can be somewhat hidden and not immediately obvious. One of these is workplace distractions, which can often come from technology. Distractions from smartphones and other tech can lead to big problems if they are not controlled and monitored. Preventing these distractions can require clear policies on how and when devices are allowed to be used. There doesn’t have to be a total ban on personal devices, but it can help to control their use.

Overlooking these safety concerns could lead to bigger problems. Be sure to take care of them for a safer workplace.


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