eCommerce listing tips that sell swiftly

By Hanna Kielar

Many large companies have very effective online listings for their products. Apple is one of these companies. They know exactly how to get a lot of attention to every product they launch by putting the consumers’ top priorities first and tying emotions to their products.

Your marketing budget may not be as big, but that doesn’t mean you can’t write online listings that make a big impact. There are some basic rules to follow to write engaging listings that catch the eye and attention of consumers and make them want to buy your product or learn more. Below are tips to write listings that are going to help sell your products and services fast.

Consider consumer psychology

People buy products and services based on how they’re feeling, how credible they think your product is, and if buying will be the solution to something they need.

-Connect with your buyers with emotions

A great way to build emotion with consumers is by telling a story that makes them feel something. Stories can be fascinating and inspiring, making buyers feel as though they have a strong connection with what you’re selling.

-Provide accurate and useful details

You may think no one is interested in details and facts about the product you’re selling. But it’s these facts, no matter how technical, that will build credibility with your buyers.

-Understand consumer needs

People buy products and services because they have a need – even if that need is buying something “fun”. Think about why a buyer is interested in a product and write solutions to any concerns they might have about buying.

-Pinpoint the right pricing

Pricing right can make a big difference in making a sale or having a consumer turn away. Buyers often make their final decision based on deals – they’re more apt to buy when products are priced as bargains.

-Product comparisons

Provide product comparisons in your listing. People will usually choose a product that’s priced right in the middle.

Tips to write effective listings

Take these specific actions when writing your online listings:

-Post when buyers are online

If you post when buyers aren’t paying attention, you’ve just spent valuable time writing a listing that’s less effective than it could be. Posting on weekends and in the evenings ensures you’ll get the most traffic to your listing – these are the times that consumers do the bulk of their online buying.

-Write headlines that get instant attention

Your headlines need to pop and stand out. Avoid filler words that take away from the message.

-Include detailed product descriptions

Descriptions of your products should be accurate and yet still appealing and engaging.

-Add quality visuals

Images and videos help products sell. Use quality images that give buyers even more reason to buy.

-Be ready to make improvements

There’s always room for improvement and innovation. Look at what other industries are doing when it comes to their online listings. Don’t be shy about using what you learn to add a new twist to your own listings.

Focus on font and design for readability

You may have written a great listing, but the layout and design of the posting can make it instantly ineffective.

Here’s how to make your listing readable and appealing:

-Allow for enough white space – it complements both the font and text on the page.

-Use a font that’s easy to read – avoid using a tiny or hard-to-read font. San Serif fonts are usually best.

-Use bullets when possible – bulleted points are easy for readers to scan through.

It’s time to take the tips you’ve learned here and write an incredible online listing. As a small business, you need to maximize your marketing strategy without stretching your budget. One of the most cost-effective ways to do this is by focusing on writing incredible sales copy in your listings. For more inspiration check out additional listing tips here. Using powerful adjectives, killer headlines, and vivid descriptions you’ll be able to engage your customers and drive those sales.


Hanna Kielar is a content creator and publisher at QuickenLoans and ForSaleByOwner. She loves to tackle a variety of topics from finance to real estate and create actionable and interesting content.


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