Email marketing ideas & tips for small business owners

By Adam Rosenberg

There’s no question you’ve heard about email marketing and it’s plethora of benefits for small businesses. If you’ve not heard about this marketing technique, it is time to crawl out from underneath the rock and learn why this is one of the top ways to reach out to your customers and gain the success you’re seeking. Most businesses use email marketing in their efforts and so should you! Everyone uses email these days. When they want to hear from your brand and you give them unbeatable offers, everyone wins. It is certainly time that email marketing campaigns become a part of your small business promotional efforts.

Your ideas matter

There are endless ways to create an email marketing strategy that is tailored to your businesses exact needs. Although your email marketing company will help with the gist of the work, it is essential that your input is also included in all campaigns. With endless ways to create email marketing campaigns that attract customers, you can find plenty of ways to attract people to your company.

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Again, there is no lack of email marketing campaign ideas that can help your company build a name for itself. A few ideas include:

-Personalize emails to include first names. Personalization matters no matter what you are doing in your business world. Customers want to feel connected to your brand and this is one simple way to give them what they want.

-Show your personality. Of course you are a business and professionalism is important. But, customers want to know that you are real and that there is a personality behind the brand. Do not be afraid to include videos, stickers, photos, GIFs, and even a little humor in your emails. Just be sure to avoid any controversial topics (unless, of course, that is the nature of your business.)

-Include testimonials in your emails. Customers want to know what others think of your brand and products. What better way to give them a firsthand glimpse of other people’s opinions?

-Create content that is tailored to that customer’s particular interests and likes. Analytics can help you create tailored campaigns. This is an even better way to personalize the customer experience and build a loyal following.

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Final thoughts

Email marketing is useful to a plethora of types of businesses that want to build a following. The world has gone digital, and it is important that you are a part of that digitalization. When you use email marketing, you can digitally connect to your customers and stay relevant in today’s world. Nothing is more important when success is on your mind. Use the information above to your advantage and let email marketing help you succeed.


Adam Rosenberg:

Adam is the main editor at Lend Genius ( He is also a regular contributor to numerous websites within multiple niches and is frequently hired by webmasters to write about specific topics for their sites – especially websites that give professional advice for business owners.


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