Finding success with the brick and click model (Infographic)

We all want our businesses to do well and succeed. Oftentimes that leaves us wondering if we’ve left certain avenues unpursued, taken a wrong turn, or missed out. The ecommerce boom has left many brick and mortar stores wondering if they’re simply outdated, especially with ecommerce predicted to make up 17.5% of global retail sales by 2021.

Fortunately, there’s a way you can have the best of both worlds: enter brick and click.

What is the brick and click model?

A brick and click business, also known as click and mortar, is a business that uses a physical location and online presence. These businesses generally have a fully-functional ecommerce site that allows them to reach an online audience, while also catering to a more local market with a physical location (or locations).

Brick and click businesses, because of their unique business model, end up with some advantages over traditional ecommerce or brick and mortar, as well!
-Better customer analytics: It’s no secret that ecommerce sites can gain a ton of customer information through tracking and analytics. Brick and mortar stores can also gain some unique customer data, however, that can be combined with the online data to provide a truly tailored experience for both online and physical customers. (And those who use both fronts.)

-More complete customer experience: Offering a physical location allows you to give your customers that personal experience. An online presence can be used to supplement this as well, with your blog being a great place to offer helpful information. Not to mention the added perk of enabling your customers to buy online if they want to do some shopping from home.

-Wider reach: With a physical store you can be front of mind for a local audience. This can lead to word of mouth growth and so on. An ecommerce shop opens your horizons to a virtually limitless market, which can do wonders for your business and brand. If you’re already running successful ecommerce store, opening a physical store can help you reach audiences you may have not tapped into yet.

How to run a brick and click business

Brick and click businesses can help you take your business to new heights. You can reach new people, make a larger impact, and grow sales. All of this success doesn’t come overnight however, as it requires some careful planning.

To make this entire process easier, Fundera has created a visual on how to run a brick and click. This guide walks you through the process while also showcasing some of the perks that comes with the brick and click model. With this information you can see you business reach new heights in no time!

How to Run a Brick and Click Business


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