Getting your office back to business

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By David Cruz

Each city and state holds different restrictions when it comes to reopening businesses during COVID-19. With many states easing these restrictions, it’s important to have a strong plan for your small business to safely reopen. Small businesses everywhere are trying to juggle finances, uncertain customer demand and their employee’s needs all while facing new government regulations. Follow these tips to help get your office back to business.

Health and safety changes

Most offices will need to consider some health and safety changes to their daily work life. If your office is an open floor plan, consider moving desks around so that they are at least six feet apart. If that’s not possible due to limited space, try using plexiglass in between desks to limit the spread of germs. Additionally, have your employees wear a mask or face covering and perform daily health screenings to help limit the spread of the COVID-19.

It’s also important to consider regular cleaning and disinfecting services. Keeping a clean office is always important, but during a pandemic, disinfecting workspaces is crucial. Unlike cleaning, disinfecting kills germs from surfaces to help prevent further spread. Not only is this important at each desk, but it’s especially important in common areas, such as meeting rooms, the kitchen or bathrooms. Also, if your office kitchen is frequently used, try using a sign-up sheet for the lunch hour to limit the number of employees in the kitchen together.

Prioritize employee needs

Now more than ever, employees need support from their company. Whether you choose to work from home or bring your employees back to the office, communication is key. Make sure to support your employees with whatever they need to stay safe. If you plan to open your office, communicate with your team to let them know all of the safety precautions that will be used. Also, be patient and flexible. Dealing with a pandemic is new for everyone. Some employees might not feel comfortable coming back into the office yet. Maybe they are immunocompromised, or they live with a family member who is at high risk for COVID-19. If they feel that they need to work from home for a little bit longer, work with them and create a plan so that they feel safe. It’s especially important that your employees feel valued and their concerns are heard when they come to you with any issues about safety.

Review CDC guidelines

The CDC is always a great resource to use when reopening your office. They have provided an interim guide for businesses and employers to review to make sure that the proper safety precautions are being used. Take the time to read through these guidelines to keep you and your employees safe and healthy during this time.

Prioritizing the CDC guidelines and these tips is crucial during an office reopening. The commitment to employee and customer safety is extremely critical during this time and can make or break a company. It’s important to modify your previous plan so that you and your employees can continue to prosper during a time of uncertainty.


David Cruz is a freelance writer focusing on a broad range of topics. When he’s not writing, he spends time discovering new places and restaurants in his city of Austin, TX. Find him on LinkedIn.

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