Good reads issue #7: Keeping your culture cool, megatrends you need to know about, and employee motivation tips

Here are a two articles and a webinar that caught my interest of late. Happy reading!

• In “How to Expand Without Losing Your Indie Culture,” journalist Tim Donnelly gives tips on how to keep your company’s culture true to its roots as your business grows. He recommends four keys for making sure you don’t lose what makes your company stand out in the marketplace and with employees: 1) Focus on customer service; 2) stay in touch; 3) be selective; and 4) know your market.

• What consumer trends do you need to know about for 2011? This briefing from outlines 11 crucial consumer trends that might impact your business this year…and beyond. One megatrend that leapt out at me that will be going to be with us for decades to come is labeled “Urbanomics.” There are roughly 60 million new urban dwellers each year. According to the briefing, “Urban consumers tend to be more daring, more liberal, more tolerant, more experienced, more prone to trying new products and services.” Interesting stuff.

• SCORE has a free webinar you might want to check out. The topic is “How to Motivate Your Employees.” The presenters talk about strategies and concepts used by the world’s greatest leaders, including the importance of establishing a clear vision and direction, using the power of emotions, and creating stretch goals for your team. The webinar is free and you can listen to it any time. Register here.

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