Good small business reads #21: Time management, making virtual teams work, and alternative funding sources

It’s time for the April roundup of interesting articles for small business owners that I’ve come across recently. First up, Julie Kay, who blogs at, has provided some time management tips that I haven’t heard before in “Tried and Tested Time Management.”

My favorite new tip that she offers is to create a “done” list. As someone who has to jump back and forth among various client projects on most days, it is often possible to get to the end of the day without feeling that I’ve accomplished anything major – just a whole pile of minor things. But these little things do eventually add up to something bigger, so taking stock at the end of the day can be motivating for the next day as you realize just how much progress you actually are making toward the end goal. Check out Julie’s other tips; I think you’ll find something useful.

More and more of us these days work as part of virtual teams. For example, I am part of several virtual marketing teams with my clients and I also work virtually with ghostwriting clients not only in the U.S. but even in Europe. In “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Virtual Teams,” written for the American Express Open Forum, Alexandra Levit gives valuable advice on how to make such virtual team arrangements work smoothly. While she’s writing about employees, I think the advice also holds for vendor relationships.

With all the talk about the JOBS Act the president signed into law last week making it easier for startups and small businesses to access funding, I thought you might be interested in reading “Access to Alternative Financing for Small Businesses,” from business financing expert Karlene Sinclair-Robinson’s blog. The article talks about private sources of funding knowing as alternate lenders. Definitely food for thought if you’re looking for new funding to grow your business. You might also want to check out the blog author’s book on this topic, which is described about on the site.

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