Good small business reads #23: Overcome procrastination, get paid faster, and more

Here’s our July roundup of articles from around the web that I think will be of help to small business owners. The first one is about how to overcome procrastination. For me, at least, this is particularly timely, since I procrastinated so much in June that I never got around to doing my monthly post on good small business reads! So it seems I’d better take another read through “How to Overcome the Roadblock of Procrastination” in which innovation expert and author Paul Sloan recommends nine steps to moving forward when everything seems to be holding you back. It’s all very good advice; now I just need to take it!

Next I am recommending two articles from, the online version of Entrepreneur magazine. The first is “Bringing on a Business Partner? Avoid This Common Mistake,” written by author Ann Logue. She writes about the need to get partnership documents together right from the get-go and reports that experts say companies that do this are more likely to succeed than those who ignore the importance of clearly defining the relationship early on. Having watched several clients struggle with partnerships, I second the advice given in this article. Don’t procrastinate on this one!

Next up from is “Remember These 8 Rules Before Sending Out Your Next Invoice,” written by freelance writer and author Gwen Moran. This article is full of very practical advice, which if followed, may end up in getting you paid faster. I am blessed with clients who all pay me within 30 days, but I know many small businesses are struggling with aging receivables. So check out this article to see if you’re doing everything you can to make sure your invoices are paid promptly.

Finally, take a look at “12 Ways to Encourage Word-of-Mouth Referrals,” in which members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council suggest a dozen ways to get people to talk up your business. From giving thank-you gifts to offering incentives for referrals, these are all smart ideas. I’m sure you’ll find something here that will work for your small business.

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