Google Analytics and growth hacks

By Henry Brown

Website analytics show you how many visitors your website has, where they come from or what device they are using. Which of your pages are the most popular? Which social network refers the most traffic to your website? Find out below and talk to a digital advertising agency to check how it can help your website.

What is Google Analytics (GA)? Discuss this in detail with a digital agency. It is one of the most powerful pieces of analytical software, used by millions of websites across the globe, for website owners and managers, and it is essential if you want to reap the benefits of SEO. While there are other tools available on the market, Google is the world’s largest search engine, and the bulk of your traffic will come from Google. It, therefore, makes sense to get as many insights from Google traffic as possible.

The best part of GA is that it is also free to use. Once installed on your website, blog or eCommerce shop by a digital agency, it gathers information and allows you to monitor the number of visitors to your website, what referred them to it, and how they interact with your site – do they stay on a single page or jump from content to content.

GA gives you free insight and data on how many people visit your site, which countries they are coming from, where they were referred from, e.g. direct traffic, search engines, 3rd party links or social networks. It also shows you how long they stay on your website and which pages they visited whilst on your site, allowing you to see which content is more popular or useful to consumers.

Google Analytics will also give you insight into the devices visitors come to you on, allowing you to optimize your website for the greatest number of visitors. Sifting through all this information can be difficult; one way to do it is to work with a digital agency for your Analytics requirements.

Growth hacks to convert leads 

You have worked to build an engaging and professional looking website and implement a great marketing strategy. Those are generating a lot of leads for your business, but are those website leads converting into sales? After implementing these strategies you need to use start using growth hacks to convert those leads into customers…

Try discussing these advanced lead nurturing techniques at your next meeting with your digital agency. Start conversations with your customers in your call to action messages. Sign off marketing emails by asking customers to reply to you, thus engaging them in a conversation about your product. In a similar way, you can funnel them into your social media channels where you can further discuss your product in more detail. The key is to keep leads engaged with you in some way. This is one of the fastest ways to nurture a lead into a converted customer.

Add a proactive live chat feature to your website. Ask users questions using this forum based on which page or section of your website they are on. Proactive chats have been shown to increase return on investment by as much as 105%. Talk to digital agencies about adding this to your website today. Sometimes customers get all the way to the checkout before changing their mind and leaving your site. At this point, you usually have their email address. Sending an automated ‘oops’ email at this point can draw the customer back to your website and their basket. These types of email are also good to gain customer feedback on your checkout process and products.


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