Helpful tips to drive right people to your website

By Wendy Dressler

Generating website traffic is the name of the game today. Here are ideas on how to get lots of the right people – people in your target market who have a need for your product or service — to visit your site:

Maximize your social media outreach

Social media has come to define much of the modern world. Instead of flying cars and instantaneous atomic transportation, as the television programming of yesteryear predicted, we are a conglomeration of social-media devotees. Well, you win some, and you lose some. At least we got the smartphone communicators, right? They’re way more advanced than the crude “flip-phone” devices of Star Trek!

But there’s always a silver lining, and in this case, our misplaced future is buffered economically through social media. It turns out that, relatively inexpensively, you can reach a massive audience. It just takes a little time. You’ve got to think of YouTube videos like seeds. When you plant a seed, it doesn’t immediately sprout into a tree!

Well certainly there are some exceptions—if conditions are right, as in a verdant jungle — a plant can grow very quickly. When you’re trying to draw traffic to your website through social media, look at content like seeds, and structure the rest of your activities as though you’re a horticulturalist cultivating that seed into a fruitful tree.

Find the right conditions

In the jungle, a mixture of moist air, plenty of warmth, and continual rainfall combine so that the perfect admixture of elements results in swiftly growing plants. With online outreach, you’ve got to create a “moist” environment. That is to say: you want your content “planted” in a region where it’s likely to take off.

The fertile soil of YouTube is often much more efficacious than the dry cracked earth of, say, MySpace. But MySpace was once fertile, and there is no organization too big to fail. Not only do you want to maximize your content on sites like YouTube, you want to spread yourself out so that if one site goes down, you don’t lose your marketing crop.

If you’re looking for some more in-depth data about driving the proper traffic to your site, you can find out here how some users have managed to acquire the exposure they sought; according to the site: “Getting subscribers is often harder than getting likes and views. Essentially you’re asking people to allow your videos in their feed.”

A good way to get subscribers is to design content that caters to a specific audience. If you’re providing landscaping services, as an example, you may want to aim content at more affluent individuals with the grounds to expand landscaping solutions, and the resources to get the job done right.

Use SEO optimization

Properly optimizing content such that it hits the right crowd requires SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. With SEO, you’re able to more cohesively measure ROI, because statistics can be more comprehensively acquired. Here are some SEO tips to help get you started. With the right metrics you can determine which marketing efforts are most successful, and where to concentrate your outreach energies.

Metrics tell you whether you’ve created the right conditions for your marketing tree to flower and bear fruit. You’ll be able to see whether your SEO solutions are properly “watering” the “plant” of your marketing outreach. You can measure the growth of your presence, and see whether more viewers are coming to your site or not.

Statistically, the more traffic you can drive to your site, the more profit you’ll make, and the greater your conversions will be. So get the right information and learn how to channel support!


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