How a clean office can boost productivity (Infographic)

For all businesses, and small businesses especially, absenteeism can be a hugely disruptive issue. When people are regularly not turning up for work, it’s hard to maintain an ideal level of productivity, with other employees forced to pick up the slack and possibly compromising their own work. It’s easy to point the finger of blame at the workforce for a lack of commitment to their job, but sometimes management may need to look at whether the working environment is a contributor to employees taking sick leave and productivity being affected.

Productivity can suffer even if employees aren’t calling in sick. A dirty, cluttered office can be very distracting for people as their attention is subconsciously drawn to an assortment of boxes, wrappers and other forms of litter around the office. Also, if the place is so untidy that documents are scattered around rather than filed neatly, a lot of time gets wasted in searching for papers that should be readily accessible in a carefully-managed filing system.

Cleaning Services Group acknowledged the link between a clean office and better productivity in an infographic identifying how the two go hand in hand. It explains a few of the factors in how clean working environments lend themselves to a better quality and quantity of work being done, along with recommendations on how this can be achieved. A cleaner office isn’t just nicer to walk into each morning; it also fosters greater productivity.

An infographic by the team at Cleaning Services Group

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