How augmented reality (AR) can help small businesses

By Hannah Thomas

Augmented reality can be a great addition to your small business. It merges the real and digital world by dropping overlays and 3D objects into the specially designed headsets, and can even insert the same objects into videos on small devices, such as phones and tablets. This technology is still under development, and its full potential is yet to be shown. At this point, AR is used in medicine, education, retail, etc. Your small business may prosper if you decide using AR in your marketing campaigns and other areas of work.

Remote supervision

Your small business may have a few field salesmen or technicians who don’t spend much time in the office. Regardless of their experience, even the best workers may need some consultation coming from the headquarters of the company. That is the moment where they can use their AR glasses and solve the issue. They’ll be able to view instructions on their smartphone, which will be sent from the office, or they could use smart software capable of solving various tasks.

This technology will be able to, for example, highlight parts of a piece of equipment that are broken and need service, and even provide you with a step-by-step guide for fixing it. The best way of using AR is via headset, because it leaves your hands free, which is not the case if you use it on your tablet or smartphone.

Easier education

Using AR technology for education and training of employees is a method that is yet to become widely popular but holds great promise. The biggest upside of this approach is the possibility of endless repetition. The trainee will get a chance to go through different situations whenever they want and as many times they need. The AR set can be a simulation device, which will help employees to learn new skills and master others. It can also be used in groups, so it can be beneficial for teamwork as well.

Visualization possibilities

Augmented reality technology also offers an option to place virtual objects into the real world. The experts from civil and structural design services recommend this option to designers, who will be able to view their 3D objects as a part of physical reality. This way, they’ll have a better insight into model’s details and functionality. Car designers around the world have already been using technologies prior to AR. Their designers are using AR headsets to visualize specific parts in the given vehicle. They can try unlimited dashboard designs before they really make it and put it in the car.

Think about your customers

If you’ve started a business in cosmetics, one of your sales representatives can use AR headset to see which makeup is going to be perfect for given customer. And that’s not all; they’ll also be instructed how to found the best solution and how to apply it. Some companies are already using AR technology for better customer service. Unfortunately, headsets are not that popular yet, but iPads and tablets are doing the job for now.

The AR technology also offers an option to make 3D flyers, business cards and other promotional material for your business. That way, you’ll connect with your targeted audience and get ahead of the competition. Keep in mind that innovation will most certainly strengthen your brand. These days market is saturated with traditional ways of advertisement, and moving toward AR technology will definitely give you some edge. Don’t worry about the cost; AR won’t be more expensive than older channels of advertising, but the results will be much better.

Final thoughts

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are ready to conquer the whole advertising space and many more aspects of conducting business. In few years it will be unthinkable to have a successful company without using this high technology. It is yet to be seen which of these two options will take over the market of the future. At this point, AR and VR are highly recommended for small businesses since those innovative systems are very appealing to customers, they’re fun to use and can provide a lot of valuable information. So don’t hesitate and get in this game. You won’t regret it, you’ll save money in the long run, and attract a lot of new customers for your young company.


Hannah Thomas is an expert in business innovation and management with a love for writing. She is always eager to learn new things and to share the knowledge she acquired along the way.

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