How do you build a noteworthy brand as a first-time entrepreneur?

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By Anita Ginsburg

Branding is key to business success, and it helps to get it right from the beginning. If you’re a first-time entrepreneur, you can quickly build a successful brand from scratch if you know what you want and get the right help. Here are some steps that will get you moving in the right direction.

Know your target market

Choosing the right imagery and messaging depends on you knowing your market. Trying to target too wide of an audience is futile because you’ll never reach anyone with a message that isn’t specific and relevant. Focusing too narrowly means the pool of potential customers will be too small and you likely won’t be able to make a profit. Identify one or two key groups you want to sell to. Then determine what they are like, what they need, and how you can reach them.

Learn from competitors

Evaluate your competitors to see how they’re reaching their target audience. If they are a company that shares sales numbers publicly, see how successful they are. See what their logos are like, how they talk to customers, and what you feel they’re doing wrong. Without copying their actions, look for the motivations that power their choices, and use what you learn to help you develop the right approach for reaching a similar audience.

Find your unique identifiers

Regardless of how much you may learn from your competitors, your company needs to be different to be successful. If your business and product doesn’t stand out from the crowd in some way, it will be difficult to attract customers. Your business plan should include details that help you differentiate yourself from others in the industry. You may decide to aim for lower prices, more modern styling, additional features, or better service. In many cases, a simpler and more down-to-earth approach than the competition is a good idea, but that’s for you to decide.

Get experienced help

A brand strategy agency can help you make these and other crucial decisions for building your noteworthy brand. An agency that is closely aligned with your way of thinking can help you define your company’s purpose, create the trust necessary for reaching today’s buyers, and differentiate yourself from other brands. The right brand strategy agency has done it all before and can offer you the benefit of experience, something you lack as a first-time entrepreneur.

Make friends with your brand

Whether you’ve created your brand on your own or with the help of an agency, try to get to know it like a person. Think about whether it’s old or young, male or female, well-dressed or casual, and more. Decide whether it speaks with a strong accent or an indefinable simplicity. Your brand will be part of your life for years, and you need to understand it to keep your marketing efforts on course through whatever challenges may come.

If you get branding wrong, your great idea could sink before consumers give it a chance. If you get it right, however, you can soar beyond your expectations. Think about branding early, take smart steps, and get the help you need to make your branding work for you.


Anita Ginsburg is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She studied at Colorado State University and now enjoys writing about health, business, and family. A mother of two wonderful children, she loves traveling with her family whenever she isn’t writing. You can find her on Twitter @anitaginsburg.

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