How great software can help improve your small business

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By Samantha Higgins

Every business owner wants to increase their efficiency and move the business a step ahead from its initial state. Improving efficiency leads to more profits and reduced wastage. This process can be achieved by setting up various measures.

Software tools are among the essential measures that can be considered. However, it is still a great debate between small business owners on whether it is vital to have various software and the improvements they make. So, how can great software help a small business to increase its efficiency dramatically?

Creating quotes and invoices

Document loss is a problem that has faced small as well as enormous businesses for a long time. However, with the changing times and the massive improvement in technology, you can now use the small business management software to create quotes and invoices and attach them to the relevant contact.

With this, the organization within the business can be improved. An example of a company that has benefited from this is the real estate business. Did you know that collecting rent is now possible electronically using the landlord software instead of the previous, boring, issuing, and keeping of paper receipts?

Furthermore, great software allows all the orders and details to be captured in real-time once the invoices are integrated with your business platform. It will also enable you to make more sales within a short time since you will be more aware of which services and products your customers asked about or purchased.

Managing customer relations

Customer relations can be better managed with small business management software. Once you have the software, you can produce customer and prospect databases and have the ability to update them in real-time. The other advantage is that you track the customers’ personal preferences, service history, equipment details, and additional important notes.

It also allows you to keep up with marketing by emailing the customers concerning products and services. Remember, a customer will always go for that product that he or she is reminded of regularly. With the appropriate database, you can track the communication effectiveness between you and your customers. This process will maintain customer loyalty and further improve your sales process.

Simplifying employee tasks

Time tracking software where employees complete their timesheets can also be incorporated in small businesses. With this insight, you can quickly evaluate the wages since you will know where time is spent. They can also determine how much human capital would be available for any upcoming projects.

Tracking projects

In project management, monitoring the various stages is very important. Project tracking allows correction or even the inclusion of things that were earlier left out. A flexible system is required for this to happen, and in this case, small business management software is used. It also allows you to quickly view the costs associated with any project and invoice them correctly.

Tracking service requests

Implementing a service request tracking software improves time management between the second a customer calls and the moment of service request completion. It helps in avoiding more time spent in non-value added work. With a system of this kind, time is spent wisely by working faster and saving more.

Hiring process

Equipping the Human Resource team with software that manages the hiring process can be a game-changer for your business. Small business management software allows the team to digitally carry out skill assessments, verify candidates’ identities, and reduce paperwork. Therefore, the hiring process is automated to some extent, and the right talent is brought on board.

Although coming up with suitable software for your business seems like a straightforward process, you need to consider several things. Focus on what will help your business flow more efficiently, allow for better organization, and save you a lot of hours in your hectic day.


Samantha Higgins is a professional writer with a passion for research, observation, and innovation. She is nurturing a growing family of twin boys in Portland, Oregon, with her husband. She loves kayaking and reading creative non-fiction.

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