How IoT and chatbots will transform mobile app development in 2019

By Ashish Goyal

In the past decade, chatbots have scaled new peaks in establishing communication and interaction with people. Another emerging technology is, well, we can’t think about it emerging anymore because of it’s strengthened standing across various businesses and towns in a couple years. It is IoT, the internet of things. In this article, we’ll observe how IoT and chatbots are bringing radical change to conventional mobile app development and to how small businesses communicate and serve their customers.

Let’s begin with chatbots

Chatbots are set to carry out daily small business operations soon. Many big and midsize businesses have their phone centers to get fast feedback and give a quick resolution of questions to the current clients. Today, chatbots can deliver automation in the whole procedure while making it customer-friendly, engaging, as well as fast.

Here are some reasons why chatbots will be the future of mobile apps and customer communication.

Ease of integration and installation

Although we could mention a variety of reasons why mobile programs should incorporate chatbots, here are the two main ones. Bots can be easily integrated and set up as the mobile app alternative. The program users may even use the bots straightway to begin chatting. There’s not any requirement for any extra software to run the bot in your business enterprise program.

Get the most out of messaging programs

Chatbots can make the messaging program more appealing. As a feature, the chatbot can be easily integrated and improve the messaging quality of the custom-made company mobile program. Chatbots can make mobile apps more powerful and interactive at comparatively low price. It’s reasonable to say that chatbot integration and development is significantly less costly than the evolution of a custom-made IM program.

Social networking linking is potential

Bots can relate to the consumer’s social networking accounts too. Slack is a good illustration of it. When a staff member installs it gets added into the accounts of others, so that everybody can use it. Even the chatbots can play a considerable role in engaging clients in B2C business programs, particularly in ecommerce and retail businesses.

Let us go through the way the tailored IoT mobile development solution can allow the businesses to leverage the advantages of this idea. The IoT ecosystem may handle large working places and intricate procedures through a community of linked devices, detectors, and cellular connectivity. IoT mobile apps have made it feasible to control complex operations with a couple clicks. Additionally, the in-built detectors can collect valuable information to open the doorways of fresh opportunities.

In the last decade or so, IoT has mainstreamed across various business sectors due to these reasons

– Seamless integration with business freedom – To ease entrepreneurs to command the machine with a few clicks on clever devices.

– The mix with multiple connectivity choices such as wi-fi, Bluetooth, etc. To enable the enterprise to take necessary action even with no net.

– Data collection through detectors – to collect valuable information for allowing the company to make informed decisions.

The IoT-enabled mobile apps can help businesses to deliver convenience and automation. Here’s an example: Previously, hotel guests used a key or card to go into a their reserved room. Now, a hotel’s program with IoT-related attributes can work miracles. It gets rid of the requirement of maintaining the space card or key. The guest can merely open the hotel’s app and open their room door with a couple clicks. We’ll encounter many such usage cases in the coming decades since the IoT theory will become widespread.

In summary, customized IoT program solutions can address varied business needs and help businesses offer enhanced customer solutions. It’s among the most effective approaches to serve the aims of IoT execution at work.


Ashish Goyal is an online marketer in Xtreem Solution, a leading mobile app development company. You can hire mobile app developer from our robust dedicate professional team. He loves to help businesses in improving their online brand visibility and sales. His articles have been featured on ITProPortal, Finextra, ITtoolbox, tweakyourbiz, Jaxenter and healthworkscollective, to name a few. Besides this, he is fond of reading books, writing short stories, EDM music and soccer lover. You can reach to Ashish via LinkedIn and Twitter.

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