How small business owners can help their employees avoid digital eye strain

By Katherine Andrews

For small companies, there are many things that keep a business flourishing, but two of the most important factors are technology and the employees. Luckily, in 2019, there is amazing technology to keep any business running as smoothly as possible and it’s vital to have employees that are happy, healthy, and driven to do the same.

What you may not have realized is that some aspects of technology can be bad for your employees’ health. There are actually simple ways for small business owners to help their employees avoid technology-related health issues, like digital eye strain, so a key part of your business – the employees – is cared for!

Download light adjusting apps

If you provide tools for your employees to do their job efficiently like a computer or laptop, then you can preload the device with an app that adjusts the light of the computer. There are two main issues with computer light; the first one is that the light is naturally very cool and blue-toned, and the second is when the screen brightness is higher compared to the room you are in.

There are tons of free computer apps that are compatible with Mac or Windows that automatically adjust the brightness and warmth of the screen to mimic the room you are in to help reduce eye strain. Most are also equipped with night mode, which allows the user to set the time it gets dark out so your computer can be dimly lit with a warmer color. Additionally, you can find apps that provide dark mode, which makes browsers a black theme so the large amount of bright white won’t bother the eyes.

Recommend blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are equipped with lenses that have a coating to help filter blue light from reaching the retinas of the eyes. Glasses like this can be worn while working on a computer to help block the blue light that comes off of the screen. These are especially useful for people who feel the light adjusting apps aren’t doing enough and for those who spend more than two consecutive hours on their computer. When talking ergonomics in the office or onboarding your employees who will need a computer to work, urge them to purchase their own pair of blue light glasses to wear while at their desk.

Avoid LED lights

When possible in your office space, steer clear of LED lights. Although they are energy-efficient and very common in public places and businesses, they pose the same issues as computers when it comes to blue light and eye strain. Natural light is best when it comes to eye health, so if you work in an area with lots of windows, keep them open for your employees! Unfortunately, it’s impossible to avoid the LED lights in the ceiling sometimes if you rent an office building. Instead, your employees can keep overhead lights off and opt lamps in their offices or desk areas with warm-colored light bulbs.

Technology is such an important factor for small businesses, so it’s unfortunate that it can have negative effects on the body, like those of digital eye strain. Showing your employees that you care for their well-being by sharing these tips will always have great effects because it will help them to stay happy and productive at work.


Katherine Andrews is a digital content creator who strives to inspire others to achieve their health, business, and personal goals. When she’s not writing (which she is a lot!), she loves to go on road trips in her Jeep and hiking adventures with her fiancé and dog!

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