How small businesses can support reproductive rights in a post-Roe world

By Michelle van Schouwen

The majority of United States citizens oppose the recent Supreme Court ruling overturning 50 years of constitutionally guaranteed rights to abortion services. In response to the court’s decision to turn the matter back to the states (and in light of the fact that over half of U.S. states will outlaw or severely restrict abortion) major corporations are stepping in to support employees who may require abortion services. As a small business owner, you don’t have the resources of a Meta or Dick’s Sporting Goods, but your company can nonetheless both support employees and champion reproductive rights in this new, and for many, frightening, era.

Opportunities to support employees include:

-Providing paid time off for employees traveling for abortions (or even getting them in-state)

-If feasible, providing some support for travel expenses for employees who must go long distances for abortion

-As some health insurers may change their coverage for abortion in a post-Roe world, assuring that your plan continues to cover abortion medications and procedures

-Moving forward into an uncertain legal landscape, continuing to make sure your health coverage includes comprehensive contraception options

-Conducting a self-audit to remove any barriers to employees receiving abortion care

-Making clear a policy of support for employees who seek abortions, and protecting their privacy when they talk with you about their needs, or seek or obtain services

Opportunities to support reproductive rights overall include:

-Putting any political support toward pro-choice candidates

-Contributing toward national or local organizations that support reproductive rights

-Doing business with companies that support reproductive rights

-Making clear your support for reproductive rights in your values messaging

Remember that many of your best and brightest current and prospective employees are forward-thinking and expect their company to be the same. Your support of the right to reproductive autonomy will not only benefit your employees, but will position your company on the “smart money” side of the issue now and in the years to come.


Michelle van Schouwen is principal of Q5 Analytics, providing advocacy and communications for climate change mitigation and adaptation. For 32 years, Michelle was president of van Schouwen Associates, LLC (vSA), a B2B marketing company. In 2017, van Schouwen Associates was acquired by Six-Point Creative Works, Inc. of Springfield, MA. Michelle is available for speaking engagements on topics including her work on climate crisis mitigation and Florida coastal water issues. She speaks to business and student groups about marketing launches and entrepreneurship and works with start-ups to support their development.

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