How struggling with technological advancements can seriously affect your business

Cloud computing improves team collaboration and efficiency. Make it part of your business to compete effectively.

By Leanne Thompson

Every business needs to embrace technology in today’s competitive market place. It does not matter what product or service you are offering, technology has to be a vital element of your business strategy if you want to succeed. The problem is that the more technology develops, the quicker changes occur. Many businesses struggle to keep up, which can create a major problem. Ask an IT support professional such as Geeks, an IT consultancy company in Bristol, England, and they will tell you that a well-thought out IT strategy lies at the heart of any business. You need to be able to understand what your business requirements are in order to develop a process that works. It helps to understand how technology impacts your business and your customers.

How technology affects your business

You may immediately think of technology as being all about the web presence of your business and how your e-commerce operates. While these aspects of technology are important, technology can assist a business in many other ways. For instance, mobile technology enables distance working, which can be a big help, especially for SMEs if they can save on the expense of additional office space. There is also the option to use online software solutions to enhance the effectiveness of team collaboration. The aspect of technology that many businesses struggle with is that it needs to be an integral part of any planning and processes and not just an add-on.

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Any business needs a strong relationship with customers to succeed. To attain this type of relationship, your business needs to communicate with customers in a way that is relevant to them. It also needs to provide the customer experience they are seeking. It’s a well-known fact that millennials are a driving force behind business at the present time; they have a high level of influence. This is a generation that is hugely tech-savvy, so if your business struggles with technology, it will also struggle to secure their custom.

One of the most important aspect of technology when it comes to your relationship with your customers is the use of social media. Your business simply cannot afford to exist outside of the social media bubble. Not only is it an excellent source of free advertising, if you use it correctly; it’s also a way of enhancing and maintaining your brand reputation. People are going to talk about your business whether it has a social media presence or not. If you struggle with the technology of social media, you cannot listen to what is being said or have a voice for yourself.

Why your business might struggle with technology

There are reasons why businesses struggle with technology. The situation can be especially difficult for SMEs and start-ups. The main problem is often a lack of available resources such as:

-You may not have sufficient qualified employees to ensure that you make best use of technology. For instance, many businesses have a limited number of IT professionals available.

-Time may be an issue. Decisions about technological advancement and implementation can often be lengthy. Then you also have the implementation process to contend with. Other business decisions often take priority and technology gets pushed to the back of the queue.

-Money is always a factor, when it comes to technology. If your business budget is stretched, it can be difficult to invest in technology such as dedicated servers and the latest security.

It’s easy to see why your business might struggle with technology. If the struggle continues, your level of competitiveness can be seriously affected. You cannot afford not to address any issues your business has with technology.

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There are several ways that you can help your business to end its struggle with technology:

-Use the cloud

The cloud makes it easier for businesses to work in a coordinated manner. You can make use of file storage and collaborative tools so everyone in the business can have access to the latest information and work on the latest documents no matter where they are located.

-Embrace mobile technology

Many business usse the bring your own device philosophy, which enables them to cut down of the cost of purchasing expensive devices. Using mobile technology also makes it easier for people to work from home or in another non-central location, thereby improving business flexibility and cutting down on location costs.

-Get help from a third party

It often makes sense to hire an IT services provider to assist with all aspects of technology provision. This help can be anything from assisting with IT strategy to managing all aspects of technology. It’s a way for smaller businesses to compete with global companies when it comes to IT without having to invest huge sums of money.

You can see that struggling with technology can have a damaging effect on any business. If your business is struggling, you need to assess the situation and put plans in place to make the necessary changes.


Leanne Thompson is a freelance writer with a passion for business and creating informative articles. Her interests include travelling and when she’s at home you’ll find her head in a good book.

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