How tech integration can speed up your business growth

By Henry Chen

Deciding to start a business on your own is a very brave step. Not everyone can go through the turmoil of starting a business and deal with all the struggles. When you do start a business, whether it is a small startup or a sole proprietorship, your main focus should be how to take it to the next level. A key aspect of speeding up a business process is tech integration. We live in an era of technology where most of our actions as a human being are technology driven. So, integrating technologies across your whole business can open up some new doors for you. Why and how?


As a business owner, the first question you should ask is why tech integration is so important. The answer is very simple. You have so many devices connected to various platforms to track the progress of your business such as inventory, fleet, payroll, HR, accounts, POS systems and so on. Although it might seem like a good idea as you are saving a lot of money by opting for free tools, in the long run, you are sacrificing your efficiency and time. Also, there is always a possibility of error if you are using multiple platforms to track your data. You do not need to go for state-of-the-art technologies right away. Rather a small start is good enough to see some formidable improvement in your business.


The next question is how tech integration can speed up your business process? If you need to invest in tech integration, you should know what the benefits of tech integration are. Let us discover the possibilities below.

Better communication

The first improvement you will notice is your business communication. As your data was flowing through multiple streams before, you had no definitive way to keep them in sync. Hence, the probability of errors arises. But with tech integration across your whole business, all your data is centralized. Your devices can communicate together and update the data when necessary. Your employees will also be able to share the data among themselves to analyze it with no problems.

Multiple departments will be able to communicate whenever necessary to eliminate any possibilities of redundancy. For example, you can share the data between your payroll department and your management department to keep everyone on the same page. Again, you can merge your accounts and sales department to stay ahead of all the numbers and update them centrally.

Modern technology allows you to store all the necessary information in one place, in multiple devices. If you have multiple branches of your business, you can use one piece of software to synchronize all of them.

Growth potential

Rapid business growth depends solely on one thing – the right decision at the right time. Such levels of control over your business can only be achieved through tech integration. As you have all the information currently available on your hand, it helps in making decisions when an opportunity arises. This reflects directly in your business performance. Your employees are able to share their opinions and ideas and your clients are connected to you as well. As a result, you have the correct combination of everything to show your potential to the world and build a more credible business.

Solopreneurs and small business owners often tend to ignore the importance of proper technology because implementing integrated software can be costly. But if you want to use your full potential as a business owner, it is a must for you to embrace the latest technology. Implementing the right piece of technology and software is not a hole in your pocket but an infinite pool of growth potential. These technologies not only allow you to merge every aspect of your business together but they also help you figure out small flaws that your business might have that are constraining growth.

Productivity and efficiency

To survive in the modern era of business, the key is to keep ahead of the competition. You can only do that if you use your time in strategic operations rather than swimming through a pool of data you do not know what to do with. This is probably the biggest reason tech integration is so important nowadays. When everything is organized, easily accessible and synchronized across the system, you will not spend your time doing things manually. With all the time you are able to save through tech integration, you can focus more on the operations of your business and make valuable decisions that will result is excellent growth for your business. Your employees will have a better time attending to more important stuff rather than entering manual data into the system.

Automated data management also reduces the probability of human error and keeps you safe from unwanted hassles. As you and your employees are not struggling with keeping things together, you can focus on more important stuff such as how to make bigger profits or how to increase customer satisfaction. The more satisfied the customers are, the better it is for you and your business as a whole.


Henry Chen is the guy responsible for marketing at Syncoria, a custom software development company in downtown Toronto.

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