How to boost employee productivity (infographic)

Training opportunities are one thing employees value and something that can lead to enhanced productivity for your small business.

Employers often focus on how many hours employees are putting in. Research, however, shows that there are steps businesses can take to ensure their employees are working more productively, leading to better resource allocation in the office.
Business owners and managers typically want to provide an enjoyable work environment for their employees. Few, however, know just how important employee happiness can be for employee productivity. Research shows that companies with happy employees tend to outperform their competitors by 20%, and happy employees are 12% more productive that their unsatisfied counterparts. Investing in employee happiness is a powerful way to increase the bottom line

Working longer hours doesn’t always lead to better productivity, and causing employees to feel burned out can lead to lower overall output. Fortunately, there are steps employers can take to increase their employee productivity, and most of these steps have additional benefits as well. This infographic from the Management Training Institute provides more information on this important topic:

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