How to boost your bulk messaging with artificial intelligence (infographic)

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By Orla Forrest
Every business thrives when there is a focus on nurturing meaningful connections through stakeholder engagement. Whether your operation is business to customers (B2C) or business to business (B2B), investing in robust communications infrastructure helps build trust, deliver outcomes, and uphold value propositions.

Brock Gratton identifies how central this is to all business operations – no matter your industry or size – saying, “Modern consumers have come to demand and expect relevant and personalized content and experience, whether online or offline.” Moreover, a well-developed and proactive stakeholder communications framework can provide value while freeing up staff for other more complex organizational tasks.

One solution to this challenge that combines tech and qualitative engagement is bulk messaging with artificial intelligence. There are significant standout benefits for this method of responding to stakeholders as well as delivering outreach communications. AI enhances bulk correspondence options from 24/7 responses in the form of chat-bots and increases accuracy based on algorithmic communications all while streamlining the broad range of customer connections businesses need to maintain.

In a time when many businesses have scaled down budgets or operate without a brick-and-mortar space, this technology delivers quantity without sacrificing on quality. Forbes reports on the relevance of this tech for businesses, “In March 2020, 451 Research conducted a coronavirus flash survey, which indicated that 63% of large organizations will invest more in communication and collaboration technology than they did prior to the pandemic, and employee communication tools topped the list of technology they felt they needed to increase investment in.”

This infographic from Cadoo delves further into this topic with expanded analysis on AI tech and how this improves business processes. Including current statistics, quotes from experts, and tips for implementation, you can efficiently scale this technology no matter your business size or maturity. Read on to learn more about this tech that’s projected to exceed US $114 billion by 2021.
Orla Forrest works as Business Development Executive for Cadoo. She has been working in the technology and telecommunications industry for more than 10 years.

How to Boost Your Bulk Messaging with Artificial Intelligence

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