How to boost your small business’s sales in 2021

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By Sierra Powell

Your sales team plays an integral role in growing your company’s customer base and level of sales, but there are also other sections of your business that can help boost sales. Unless the right things are done, your company will struggle to gain a competitive edge and stay relevant in the market. Here is how to boost your business’s sales in 2021.

-Run promotions for existing customers

Through sales and marketing promotions, you can reward your current clients for their loyalty so that they keep coming back. Some clients tend to feel bad when they see companies run promotions and ads for just new customers and prospects.

It is important that you run sales and promotions for your loyal clients as well. This should be done regularly so that they find a reason to stick around. Space out your business promotions so that customers get to look forward to each of them.

-Acknowledge existing customer behavior

It is imperative that you understand how your customers used the products or services they acquire from your company. Maybe your products are loaded with features, but your customers only find one or two of those features useful. In some cases, they might find it hard to use certain features or parts of the products you sell them.

If possible, you should provide your customers with training on how to use certain features of your product. Instead of upselling the product or service, this is a great way to build rapport with the customers.

-Request customer feedback

Even if you don’t know much about your current buyers, it is essential to ask them for feedback each time they make a purchase. They also need to state the experience they had with customer service.

Find out the areas that need to be improved and how you can get ahead of your competitors. A good businessperson should know exactly what customers feel about the support team. Through customer feedback, you will find lots of opportunities to grow your business.

-Conduct a content audit

Your content plays the role of promoting your business and increasing sales. Through the content audit, you will identify the key areas that should be improved, especially on how you speak about your business.

Take a look at everything, including marketing materials and the website itself. Make sure that the content focus on the most important features of your product or services.

Unless you are happy with the content, it is time to rewrite it. From reading the content, customers should know the benefits they will get from choosing your products or services.

-Work on your social media profile

In 2021, to increase sales, your business must be available on social media. These are the places where your customers spend the most time. This explains why you should optimize your social media profile and make it stand out from the crowd.

The social media profile will give more than your contact information and name. Consider it a small site that promotes your business and reduces site abandonment. By taking a look at your social media profile, people should be able to know who you are and the services you provide through your company.

-Leverage the power of email marketing

The process of moving someone from a prospect to a valuable customer is never short and easy. You might need a lot of interactions and checkpoints to persuade someone to buy your products or services. Email marketing is a great tool when it comes to convincing your prospects to purchase your products or services.

With email marketing, you will need to collect your prospects’ email with their consent. You will then share some automated email messages or newsletters with your clients. However, you don’t want to overdo it, lest they unsubscribe from your newsletter. Share updates about your company and let them know each time you introduce new products or services.

Final Thoughts

2021 is going to be a tough year for small businesses looking to thrive online. However, as long as you use the right tools and tips shared above, there is nothing to worry about. You will gain a competitive edge and increase your business sales within a short duration. If you are not sure about site optimization, talk to an expert, and you will be assisted at a fee.


Sierra Powell graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Writing. When she’s not writing, she loves to cook, sew, and go hiking with her dogs.

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