How to create the perfect retail display for your store

By Hannah Boothe

Creating a visual display is the perfect way to advertise your store. You need to create an eye-catching sight that will beckon people in for a visit. It needs to be bright, cheerful, friendly, and informative. If you play your cards right, it can give you a mass increase in sales. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Use the best tech for window displays

The first thing you will need to do is make sure that your window display is a good one. You want to use the best possible tech to ensure a fast response. Your window box should be enhanced with state-of-the-art modern SEG frames to net the best results. These frames are sturdy, lightweight, portable, and can be assembled in moments.

Rank your retail display objects by size

The largest item that you want to feature in your display should always take center stage. This will very likely be one of the best sellers in your store. Even if it isn’t, it’s still an item that you would very likely want to sell more of. Since this is the case, it makes sense to feature it in a major way. You can place a number of related items next to it. This will give you the chance to also show them off in order to enhance their attraction. These extra items should be ones that are frequently bought in combo with the larger ones. Putting them all on the same display is a perfect way to promote more sales.

Let people touch your display items

You don’t always have to hide your retail displays behind glass. You can also create displays that are meant to be touched and experienced in real-time. These types of displays can give people a real feel for what the items can do. Letting people handle the goods lets them know if the goods will meet their expectations. Setting up a portable and lightweight retail display is no problem. You can set it inside your store or just directly outside. You can feature a few of your most popular and best-selling items. A live display lets people see and decide what works for them. It’s also a great place to show off your latest arrivals.

Make sure your display is perfectly balanced

Another very important aspect to keep in mind is balance. You want your retail display to be perfectly symmetrical. There should be a major object that you want to draw your customer’s attention to. This should be placed in a position that the eye is led directly to. It will then form the center of your display. The idea is to create symmetry that will both catch and please the eye. This will give you a major upgrade in credibility. You will be seen as a store owner that cares enough to give customers something nice to look at. By creating your display in this manner, you will also make the featured goods more attractive.

Use the right color and lighting scheme

Color and lighting are two of the most crucial elements to feature in your retail display design. You need to be sure that every part of the display fits together into the next. If you are setting up a fall wear display, you need to feature subdued, earthy colors that will go along perfectly with this season. The same goes for your lighting display. You want to make sure that the entire display is brightly lit. You want your customers to be able to notice every aspect of a new arrival. The light should help to compliment the features of each item. This will help to put them in the most attractive setting to encourage more sales.

It’s time to brighten up your storefront

There is no time like the present to get started on maxing out your appeal. You want to create a bright and welcoming storefront. When people pass or drive by your store, you want them to see something that catches their eye. Your display needs to be the focal point that lets them know you can do good things for them.


Hannah Boothe is a freelance writer native to Northern California who spends her free time developing herself. Hannah enjoys the outdoors; she goes hiking whenever the weather permits and enjoys practicing yoga. She carves out time to journal and read whenever she can. She loves adventure and connecting with those around her.

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