How to create your perfect office space

Don’t hesitate to add color to your office walls, but read up on the psychology of color before you pick a hue.

Your office is a place you spend every working day, at least if you’re like most people. Sure, you might take some meetings outside of the office or travel regularly, but your office is still your home base. That’s why having one that’s productive and comfortable for you is so important.

Creating the perfect office space for yourself and for any employees you have isn’t all that difficult, but it does take some effort. If you’re designing a space you share with others, productivity also needs to be a major part of your design for employees.

Use this guide to learn more about commercial office space interior design and how you can get the most out of any office.

Provide privacy

Privacy may not seem like it’s that important in an office, but when it comes to productivity, the ability to focus and concentrate is essential. For many people, this means privacy is essential. Depending on the layout of the space you rent or buy, this may require some renovation; here’s advice on how to pull off a good renovation.

Create private areas with unique décor like glass partitions with shades, plants or even cubicle walls. While cubicles might have a bad reputation, they don’t have to be used to create small cubes that feel like enclosed spaces. Individual walls and moveable panels can be used without creating a square shape while still giving office employees privacy.

Designate break areas

All work and no play – well, you already know the saying. The fact is that breaks are an essential part of productivity and doing good work when you’re in the office. If you work with multiple people in a space, an area for designated breaks can help people enjoy their jobs more and create a better working culture.

Know the psychology of color

The last thing you want is to have a dull, sterile-looking office space so that means you need to add color. Different colors different emotions and affect energy, creativity and focus, so before heading out to the paint store to grab a gallon of your favorite color, make sure you know the psychology of colors. For example, blue promotes feelings of trust and communication. Check out this article from Elle Décor on the best office colors for productivity to learn more.

Add live plants

Live greenery brings energy to an office space and having plants even offers some health benefits. Just make sure you keep them healthy because few things are more depressing than a dead plant. And do skip the dust-collecting fake plants.

Make it personal

A productive office space is important. After all, you’re building an office space to work in, not to just enjoy your day. That doesn’t mean that your office or those of employees should be a sterile, uncomfortable place.

Small items like pictures of friends, family and pets can make a huge difference in personalizing your space. Even small items like stuffed animals that your children gave you or that “World’s Best Mom or Dad” mug can make your office a lot more enjoyable.

Allowing employees to add personal touches to their office space will boost productivity and comfort.

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