How to determine if your business idea is a good one

By Siya Carla

Many people today are focused on starting businesses rather than opting to be someone else’s employee. In the quest of some of the best business ideas people have come across some scenarios that are hard to tackle. Obstacles may come in the form of an unsuccessful business idea that you may not recognize as being problematic early on. This may prove to be a fatal situation for the growth of the business. So, how can one find out if the presented idea is good enough or not good for the business? Or what to do when you come across any such idea?

There are a number of questions that will of course come to mind of a first timer who is yet to begin his/her entrepreneurship journey. Here are suggestions on how to tackle ideas in order to weed out the ones that are not good enough for your business.

Brainstorm on the idea as much as possible

It is way better to brainstorm the idea initially as much as possible rather than simply thinking about its success. Chances are that you may find some other ideas more profound than the present one. There are thousands of ideas that may crop up when brainstorming on the ideas. It is a great practice to innovate new ideas by thinking more and more on the same.

Categorizing and organizing the new ideas

It may seem impossible for even experienced professionals to find out the worthiness of an idea just by hearing it. So, it becomes of paramount importance to categorize and organize your business ideas in order to make a chart of all the positives and the negatives that come along. This gives a fair idea whether to go further with the idea or not. It is wise to do this in advance of going forward with an idea than to regret it later after you’ve used up time and resources pursuing something that is not going to work.

Talk about your business idea with trustworthy resources

It is often said that sharing your brand-new business idea is like losing them to others. It may be the case when you share the business ideas with not-so-truthful resources. It is all right to talk about the idea with the people you trust the most. They may help you find any irregularities in the idea. Discussion is an important part of any idea, and it must be done prior to it is implemented. Hence, it is good to have a discussion on the idea with the ones who are experienced enough.

Check if your business idea solves personal/corporate problem

Businesses really need to solve either corporate or personal problem of the users in order to be successful. For instance, people buy products, say cooking oil, because they need to prepare the meal. Similarly, Facebook and other social media sites are so popular because people have a tendency to want to connect with others. So, ideal business ideas do solve problems and become brands in no time. Thus, choose an idea that has got similar potential.


After all these attempts even if your business idea does not do very well, don’t worry! The experience of testing the idea in this way taught you the ideas not to trust again. Although involving in so much exercise is sure to help you get an exceptional business idea eventually. Always remember, you may not succeed in the very first attempt, but that doesn’t mean you stop attempting further.


Siya Carla is Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which turns ideas into reality by providing unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating intuitive, user-friendly, and interactive apps for more than 450 customers throughout the globe, we enjoy a great reputation as a customer-friendly mobile app development company in the market.

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