How to go green in your small business

By Lucas Bergman

Nowadays, when preserving nature is becoming increasingly important, going green should be everybody’s goal and not just a choice that only a small number of eco-conscious people make. Luckily, your small business can go green in many ways, from reducing the amount of paper you use to using sustainable energy sources. So, if you’d like to do your part in the preservation of our planet, here’s how you can go green in your small business.

Use less paper

Since it is the digital age, after all, you don’t really need to use much paper. Plus, research has shown that paper accounts for about 25% of all landfill waste, so imagine how much difference you can actually make by using less paper. Plus, it’s not just paper we’re talking about – using less paper also means using fewer ink cartridges for printers and using printers less in general. Consequently, this could also help you save some money in the long run. So, make use of USB drives, cloud, or any other kind of external storage options. Make presentations instead of printing handouts, and if you really need to print something, you can use the excess paper for scrap notes.

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Monthly team challenges can be a fun way to combine the preservation of nature with teamwork. The challenges can be anything from riding a bike to work for a week to not using any plastic utensils for a month. Provide rewards for those who manage to complete the challenges. For example, you can give gift cards or customized coffee mugs. You can also introduce “punishments” for the first person that fails the challenge, like putting a few dollars in a jar, which you can later donate to a charity related to saving the environment. Either way, it’s a great way to go green and introduce some fun into the work atmosphere.

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If your business involves working on computers – as most businesses today do – you should know that computers continue consuming power even when put in sleep mode. This is why you should ensure that all the computers and other electronics are turned off after your closing hours. Moreover, never leave the lights on in an empty room – it’s an unnecessary waste of power and money. In short, everything that’s not being used at the moment should be turned off and preferably unplugged.

Embrace renewable energy

Sustainable energy sources, like solar power, are more accessible than ever before. Plus, there aren’t many better ways to go green than to actually start using sustainable energy. True, installing solar systems might be a bit larger investment, but it’s also an investment that would definitely pay off in more ways than one. So, if you’re considering this option, do your research on the best solar panels that would fit your small business. Consult the professionals, like the Skylight Energy company, and you can rest assured that your business would be greener in no time.

Encourage green commuting

Besides organizing green challenges, there are other ways to encourage sustainable commuting and reduce the number of cars on the streets. For instance, you can install a few bike racks and cameras in a secured, locked area that only your employees have the key to. This way, you’d reduce the chances of their bikes being stolen, which is guaranteed to encourage them to ride to work more often. Moreover, once your company grows, you can offer to pay for public-transport tickets as well.

Finally, consider allowing some of your employees to work from home, especially if they live far from the office. This shouldn’t be an issue for your business since there are many great online apps and tools you can use for communication, business meetings, presentations, etc.

Partner with similar businesses

Partnering with another like-minded business comes with many benefits, since everything is easier when you’re not doing it alone. So, consider joining another business in your quest to preserve nature. You can come up with a plan that would reduce the environmental impact your businesses have. Plus, by doing so, you’d also promote your business as sustainable, which is bound to do wonders for the growth of your company.

If you own a business and you care about the environment, you should do whatever you can to preserve it. Fortunately, there are many ways to go green, and while some of them might be a bit costlier, have no doubt that it would be an investment worth making. So, consider some of the listed suggestions, and make the suitable changes as soon as you can.


Lucas Bergman is a real estate agent and renewable energy consultant with many hobbies and passions, but above all, he enjoys the most spending time with his wife – Mara. He also likes Lord of the Rings. He, actually, very much likes Lord of the Rings. He is a regular contributor at

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