How to grow your small business with Google

By Sahiba Sadana

We are living in a world that is unimaginable without Google and its algorithms. Looking for nice restaurants to visit? Google to the rescue! Finding out directions to your friend’s place? Google to the rescue! Want to check the service centers nearby? Google to the rescue once again! Want to video chat with your long-distance boyfriend? No points for guessing – Google it is!

Everything we do, everywhere we go, Google is there to help you. The website is now a part of our lives like nothing else. What if we told you that you could use the tech giant to make money as well? Learn how to grow your business and earn the extra moolah all with just one click.

Let’s grow our businesses

Whatever industry or business you are a part of, chances are high that the customers are looking for your services or products online. Then, why not grab the opportunity and come in front of the potential customer’s eye? The customers want to see you and you want them to see you, but how does this really work out? Google is the answer. Here is how you can use Google to expand your business.

Getting online – the first step

Even in 2017, many small businesses still do not have an online presence but are well aware of all the perks it has to offer. By using Google, you can create a website, understand how it works, attend virtual business workshops and so much more. In fact, Google has even partnered with a number of organizations to educate small businesses on the same.

Google’s Get Your Business Online (GYBO) project is helping young talent and small businesses to make their presence felt online and expand.

Understand your traffic

If you want to boost your traffic, the first thing you need to do is understand where all the traffic is coming from. Once you know that, it will help you to pitch the right kind of product and hence boost your sales. Moreover, if you know what is actually working and what is not, you can focus on the things that are actually working and expand in size as well.

Using Google Analytics or the Insights feature by Google will help you to figure out all of it and more. You can know where your traffic is coming from, how many hits your page gets in a day, an hour, even every minute, what everyone is searching for and so on.

By going through this information, you are well aware of how to proceed with your business online, so it is a win-win situation for all.

Getting the competition out of the way

In an era where businesses are facing extensive competition, running a business is a challenging task. No matter how well read you are, how well you are doing or how skilled your workers are, no business ever runs out of competition. There is always someone else who is trying harder than you are to make it to the top of the market. The only problem is that the customer pool is limited and everyone is targeting the same people.

With the help of Google tools like Google My Business, a free business listing service that will increase your visibility on Google Maps and Google Search, you can showcase much more to your customers than your competitors. You also can use Google services to make better website design to shine out the others.

Everyone has a website, then why not make yours better so that you have more visitors than ever.

Google AdWords

You have enough capital to invest in your business and still need more customers? Using Google Adwords to advertise on Google can boost sales and help you grow your business considerably. By making the use of Google’s vast reach, you can use the cost-per-click advertising platform.

By using AdWords, your advertisements would appear on top of the Google search results and related websites. For example, if you have a math coaching center in a particular country, your website would appear on the top when people would search for math coaching centers and websites related to it. To get the best return on your Google Ad investments, take a look at incorporating callout extensions into your ad; it can increase click through rates by 41%, and does not cost anything extra. All of this can be done by simply using Google Adwords, which is easy to use, even for beginners.

The best advantage is that you can launch your ads anytime you want and in any of the continents, countries or cities you find suitable.

When it comes to web searches, there is nothing in this world that can beat Google. From free services to paid ones, businesses are using Google services for everything. And, why not? Google provides opportunities that serve as key for expansion to a bigger stage. So what are you waiting for? Take the help of Google and expand your business, right NOW!


Ms. Sahiba Sadana is a professional content editor and an avid literature reader. She is the content editor at Sharda University and a regular contributor to Business Town, and Munfarid Consulting. She is well known for her content marketing skills and has keen interest in writings pertaining to marketing courses.

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