How to help your small business keep up with tech trends

By Emma Sturgis

Technology has had a dramatic effect on the enterprise and large businesses. Small businesses, however, need to keep pace as well as technology can lead to competitors offering a better price or service. Technology is changing all the time, and new advancements are being made quickly. Fortunately, keeping up with the latest technology isn’t as difficult as many imagine. Here are ways to ensure your small business keeps up with tech trends.


Some people pay little attention to technology; others enjoy keeping up with the latest tech trends. Few small businesses can afford to hire a dedicated tech employee, but there’s a good chance someone at your company enjoys reading up on the latest in tech trends. Consider delegating the role of tech guru to an employee who enjoys the subject, and make sure to give them the time they need to explore the latest news. However, make sure they focus on what’s most important to your company. If you depend on radio communications systems, for example, make it a priority and consider outsourcing to a Motorola two way radio supplier.

Follow industry-related websites

Often, business owners and managers find a niche and stick with it, paying little attention to the greater industry. Doing so, however, can leave you scrambling to catch up if technology changes how your field operates. Make sure to bookmark websites covering news about your industry. You might also want to subscribe to industry magazines, which typically cover tech trends affecting your industry. It may also be helpful to read up on what other business in your field are doing. Their tech practices may inspire you to try new things that may increase your efficiency.

Encourage feedback

We live in a world where nearly everyone has to interact with technology to a certain extent. Encourage your employees to offer feedback across a range of topics, but let them know that you’re especially interested in new technology trends.

In addition, it’s worth setting aside time for meetings where you discuss your company’s future and get employees updated on what the owners and managers are working on. Employees are more effective when they know what the company’s overall goals are, and you might be surprised at how tech-savvy some of your employees are. This will also help you get a better idea about what you may need to improve on as a manager. You will better understand what tools and tech your employees need to succeed.

Not long ago, businesses could thrive while adopting a bare minimum of technology. Today, however, keeping up with the latest tech trends is essential to avoid falling behind your competitors. Fortunately, society has evolved as well, and there’s a good chance your current employees have the tech instinct needed to tweak your practices to keep up with the latest trends. Empowering your employees and keeping up with industry-related news can leave you amply prepared to analyze and adopt new tools.


Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer based out of Boston, MA. She writes most often on health and education. When not writing, she enjoys reading and watching film noir. Say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2.

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