How to increase brand awareness through video ads

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By Meghan Belnap

This article explains how to increase your brand awareness through video ads. There are many different ways you can advertise with a video, but it is important that you choose the most appropriate method for your business and target market. Here are the four places you should be placing video ads to get the most views from your target audience.

Use television viewing

People are watching more and more television, especially with the increase of working from home. That means that if you want to get your ads in front of your audience, you are guaranteed a wide spread of exposure if you market through television ads. However, as most are using streaming services over the traditional live television, you’ll want to work through companies like DX Media Direct to get your ads in with popular ad-sustained streaming services such as Hulu and Roku. Of course, TV ads are expensive so this option might not be possible for many small businesses, so you should consider the options below.

Use Facebook

Facebook ads are another good option for increasing brand awareness through video ads. Video ads are a popular option for Facebook as they offer better results than text or banner ads. When you create a Facebook ad campaign, you can decide what type of video you want to show on your page. This will attract more visitors as they can see the product in action.

There are different types of video ads that you can create on Facebook. You can choose to create a sponsored post that will be displayed at the top of users’ newsfeed.  A sponsored post on Facebook is a type of ad that can be purchased to promote a business’s Facebook page. A sponsored post usually includes a short video of the product or service being promoted.

Have onsite ads

Your own website is another great way to increase brand awareness through video ads. It is the best way to ensure that you reach people who are interested in what you have to offer. You create videos of your products or services and post them on your website so that website visitors can see more detailed information about your product and get a better insight into your business. You can add videos to almost any page on your website, and this makes it more interactive for visitors to learn more about your business. Not only does it make your site more attractive, but having videos on your site actually boosts your SEO.

Use Youtube

YouTube has become the most popular platform for businesses to advertise on. It can be an important marketing tool because you can reach a lot of people and you don’t have to pay for ad space or a large amount of production. Although not all people are exposed to video ads, the majority of them see them and many click on them if they are relevant.

Another great way to increase brand awareness through video ads is to offer partnerships with video creators on YouTube. You can partner with an already popular YouTube channel that is in a similar niche as you, so both businesses can benefit. There are many ways you can partner with a YouTube channel, such as providing them with free products to review or collaborating on sponsored videos that mention the product and show it in action.

When creating a video ad campaign, it is important that you research the platform that is best for you. There are many options when it comes to advertising online, and this article has provided information on how you can increase brand awareness through videos in some of the most popular platforms.


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