How to keep business travel expenses down

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By Steve Conway

With business and industry becoming more globally connected and integrated, it means that there is a greater need for nationwide and even international business travel, to attend things such as meetings or events.

According to the Bureau of Transportation, American businesspeople make around 405 million work-related trips a year, and the expenses of these trips can really rack up and cost a single business a pretty penny.

In fact, one of the best ways for a business to save money and cut expenditure is to try and reduce the costs of their staff’s business-related travel. However, achieving this is easier said than done. Here’s a look at how staff and business owners alike can keep the costs of travel down.

Book an extended stay suite

When traveling in a pair or group where booking overnight accommodation is required, try to look for an extended stay suite. Not only does getting a space where there is two separate bedrooms add comfort, but it can also be one of many smart money savers instead of just buying two separate rooms.

Furthermore, there are great benefits to getting an extended stay suite that makes it really worthwhile, such as the family room where staff can hang out and prepare for their business appointment, as well as full kitchen so that they can prepare proper meals instead of wasting money getting take-out.

Create a budget

When sending staff on a business trip, some may be overwhelmed by the freedom and not feel comfortable in knowing how much they should spend. That’s why giving them a budget can be helpful, as it can guide staff and let them know what to expect to pay on certain things such as a meals and transport. Forcing staff to operate within a budget can then help a business better figure out how much they can afford and also limits any unnecessary overspending. This is a main facet of business travel management, which is provided by

Keep to the schedule

For staff going on a business trip, one great way to save money is to focus on the work schedule and to avoid wasting time on sightseeing and recreational activities, especially during work hours. This can help keep costs down as it reduces the amount of extra expenses that a staff member may incur. It may not be the most fun and joyous way of experiencing work trips, but it’s also important to know that they’re not a holiday and that things need to get done. Sticking to the schedule will help save money and keep staff productive while away.

Load a debit card

Another great way to keep staff from spending too much on business trips is to load up a debit card with a suitable budget for the staff member to use. Giving them a finite amount of cash will encourage them to spend sensibly and will limit any splurging or extravagant spending. It will also make the staff member be honest about their needs, plus the trust in handing over a card may also make them not want to disappoint, so will therefore do their best to keep costs down.


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