How to market your business successfully as a solopreneur

By Henry Brown

Solopreneurs often find it hard to know how they should approach things like marketing. Clearly, you don’t have the size nor the cash of a bigger company. However, you still need to market your products or services to raise awareness of what you do. That’s the only way to grow in a busy and cut-throat market. If you’re struggling with issues of this nature, here are some of the marketing ideas that will put you on the right tracks.

Ask for referrals

Referrals are a nice way of marketing your business on the cheap because you don’t even have to put in any of the work. Instead, your customers are doing the advertising work for you; and who’s better placed to do that than them? They’re the ones who have experienced your customer service and bought your products or services, so ask them to refer your company to all their friends and family members.

Create some buzz from not much

Creating buzz is not something that requires tons of money and media connections. If you know which media buttons to press and how to kick up a bit of a storm, you can generate buzz and interest in your company and what it’s offering all by yourself; you shouldn’t forget that fact. As long as you have a hook that gets people interested and eager to learn more, it’s possible to generate some buzz.

Advertise via apps

Some people still underestimate just how big apps are these days. They are used by literally everyone who has a smartphone, and who doesn’t have one of those these days? The fact that you can now do app advertising for a relatively small amount of money is something you should really take advantage of. It’s a really affordable way of making people more aware of what you can offer them.

Collaborate with others

When you collaborate with someone else or an external company, you will instantly gain a new and exciting platform. Your ideas and what you offer will be exposed to an entirely new audience that might not have even been aware from you before. That’s why you should get on the phone and make plans to collaborate with the kinds of companies that already have the kind of audience you’re looking to build.

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Finally, you need to ask yourself what your elevator pitch is. This is a small pitch that you can deliver quickly if you were to meet an influential person by chance in an informal scenario. You’d need to be able to pitch your company fast and leave them with a positive impression of you. There will undoubtedly be plenty of chances for you to use that pitch, so start preparing it right away.

Just because you’re the only person working for your small business, that doesn’t mean it can’t go far. By spread the word about your business in smart ways and not spending big bucks on that kind of thing, you will keep things sustainable and gradually grow your business in the right way.

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Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.



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