How to pick eco-friendly promotional products

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By Maisie Jones

In 2021, brands cannot afford to call themselves sustainable unless they show that every aspect of their company aligns with these values. While you may not think much of promotional products they can strongly influence your company’s image.

Does your company need eco-friendly promotional products?

Sustainability is not a trend. Rather, it is the need of the hour. Customers don’t exist in a vacuum, which companies often seem to forget. You can preach about company values until you’re blue in the face, but customers aren’t likely to believe you until your actions match your words.

As sustainability has become a wider movement, with more people becoming conscious about why it is needed, businesses need to step up their game. Whether it is your promotional products or your business practices, it is time for you to go green!

Do consumers want eco-friendly promotional products?

With a change in buying habits and the people becoming more eco-conscious, it is natural that customers have a favourable opinion of those companies which have sustainable promotional products. Customers tend to gravitate towards more eco-friendly products as they try to be more mindful of their purchases.

Keep in mind that sustainable promotional products aren’t a gimmick. Consumers are not stupid, and they can often see through “greenwashing” attempts. Instead of spending time and money on making products that appear greener than they are, businesses must understand what “sustainable” truly means.

What do you understand about eco-friendly promotional products?

When going the sustainable route, you are likely to hit a few speed bumps along the road. Eco-friendly has become a buzzword, and there is no clear definition of the word. Many brands try to take advantage of this and “greenwash” their products.

However, understanding what eco-friendly products truly mean can not only help you pick better promotional products but help your company’s journey into sustainability.

When selecting eco-friendly promotional products for your business, look for eco-friendly markers such as:

– Do they use recycled fabrics? Some commonly used fabrics are recycled cotton and PET fabrics.

– Do they use natural and biodegradable materials? Natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, straw, and hemp are biodegradable, which is better for the planet.

– How about selecting “giveback” items? Such promotional products help by giving back to the community, such as donating profits to a charity or raising money through promotional products for a specific cause.

– Are the promotional products reusable? Water bottles, straws, and bags are all reusable, which reduces the burden of single-use plastics. Additionally, reusable items help promote the idea of luxury and enhance your company image.

– Are the promotional products made sustainably? Understanding how the product is made and the practice behind it is crucial. Consumers want to know about the eco-friendly material and the practices behind the creation of the product, such as factory conditions and the impact of production.

Companies strive to adopt sustainability, but without truly understanding the movement, such business ideals may fall short. Understanding the importance of eco-friendly promotional products helps businesses move closer towards creating a true eco-conscious brand image.


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