How to reward hard working business partners thoughtfully

Every small business has its treasured, hard working employees. These partners are the fires within the company, keeping it alive and growing as the years pass. These employees should feel appreciated and deeply valued, and many small business owners may not know how to reward them properly. When partners are rewarded, they know that they are important to the company and that they are doing a wonderful job in their positions.

Unexpected bonuses

Most companies reward partners with monetary bonuses that appear on the payroll. Sometimes, these bonuses are communicated to the employees, but special bonuses designated for only a handful of employees tend to be given unexpectedly. Verify with the partner that he or she received the bonus, and let them know that they are a vital part of the company’s success.

Practical gifts

For a smaller gift that will still make an employee feel great, executive gift baskets are an amazing choice. Gift baskets can be filled with food such as luxury chocolates, locally crafted natural hygiene items, office decor, or specialty accessories and products to match a second gift; for example, drink mixes and tumblers to match a high quality crystal glassware set. If the personal likes and dislikes of an employee are unknown, it is a great idea to select a gift or gift basket that could be used within the office.

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If the employee has a special day or event coming up, a great way to show appreciation is to schedule them for paid time off. Try surprising them with the time off just a few days before it is in effect. For the employee who has put in lots of long days, having unexpected time off for kids’ birthdays, special events, and beloved hobbies is a wonderful gift.

Rewarding partners demonstrates that they are not only recognized for their hard work, but that they are appreciated. It is also a wonderful boost to their already strong work ethic, as they know there will possibly be more rewards in the future.

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