How to use case studies to convert customers

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By Henry Brown

Case studies can be a powerful part of your marketing toolkit but in today’s digitally-driven marketplace, can be overlooked in favor of short-form content such as reviews and customer testimonials.

When used at the correct point in the sales process, a well-written case study can tip the balance when it comes to a sale.

What makes a good case study?

As you’ll discover later in this article, a good case study is a very different marketing tool to a blog post or press release. It should be written not only to tell a story but also to appeal to potential customers. Find an interesting angle to the case study and list the goals, approach, and solution.

The beauty of case studies is that they work for absolutely any business and sector whether you’re selling automated warehouse solutions to business consultancy.

Have a case studies section on your website

Having a dedicated space for case studies is a great way to showcase your customers and capabilities. Have a cross-section of customers, industries, and product solutions so that anyone visiting your site looking for a supplier, will be able to find a similar company that you have worked within the past.

Don’t just leave these case studies languishing in their own corner of your website. Embed calls to action and internal links throughout your site.

Create a video case study

Don’t just rely on the written work for your case studies. If your customers are willing, create video case studies. These are easily digested by viewers and give you the chance to tap into the current trend of video content.

These videos can be embedded on your site, posted on social media, and are great for sending to potential clients via email.

If you have the budget, get these produced professionally. Or, if you have the aptitude yourself, try producing your own. They don’t have to be feature film quality, but they do need to be at a certain standard in order to stop attention from being drawn away from the content of the video and to the production qualities.

Repurpose your content for multiple channels

A comprehensive press release can be used in a number of different channels to maximize the benefits. You can use it to draft press releases and blog posts. Incorporate it into newsletters, social media, and sales packs.

Don’t ever miss an opportunity to promote how happy your customers are and how good you are at your job.

Encourage content sharing from your case study customers

The process of writing a case study isn’t just a one-sided affair. It can often be used by your client too. Encourage them to share it across their social media channels, newsletters, and website. This will amplify your reach to other potential customers.


Case studies are still a vital part of attracting and converting potential customers. Writing them well is only the first step. You have to know how to use them too. Choose your case study subjects wisely and write them not only as a story of your customer relationship but also with an eye on other potential customers.

Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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