Ideas that will increase efficiency at your small business

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By Rayanne Morriss

Efficiency contributes greatly to your business profit and success. If your business has lags and stops, it feels like wheels spinning in the mud and it’s challenging to get that grip back. To assist you in polishing up your business and fix these types of issues, you’ll need to concentrate on improving your business efficiency. Here are ideas that will help you increase the effectiveness of your business.

Encourage your workers to communicate in-person

Even though chat messages and a quick email to a colleague look like an effective technique of acquiring an answer, they can frequently have a negative effect, as the response can take longer than face-to-face communication. In-person communication speeds up the procedure of solving an issue, getting something crucial clarified or answering a question in your business. Therefore, you need to encourage your workers to openly converse when they need to create a steady flow of information.

Although emails and chat are important nowadays, ensuring your workers are comfortable communicating in-person will keep your company moving effectively and ensure that a problem that would have taken 20 minutes of email or message chat end up in a five-minute face-to-face communication.

Automate every activity that you can

Whether it’s sending receipts to vendors or payments to your employees, automate every activity you can. Automation of activities in your business such as, echeck payment processing and many others is both a necessity in the current competitive environment and luxury. Automating monotonous business duties helps your workers save time and permits them to conduct more productive tasks requiring a human touch or critical thinking. Of course, you’ll find it costly to implement automated procedures at the start, but in the long run, it will boost your business efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Limit disruptions

Lunch at exactly noon, department meeting at 10.30 am, employee meeting at 9.00 am – if your workers fail to complete these tasks efficiently, it might be because of continuous disruptions. You try to set multiple meetings on a day rather than scattering them throughout the week, thus wasting time working actively. If you avoid wasting time through uninterrupted tasks, it may help your workers concentrate better and perform more efficiently. However, meetings aren’t the only distractors – continuous email and message alerts and your project management software notifications can cause distractions and affect the flow of tasks. Generally, it takes more than a minute to resume working efficiently after a distraction. Using equipment necessary to reduce your work distraction and email notification, which may assist you and your employees work effectively.

Encourage your workers not to multitask

Individuals think that they’re excellent multitaskers; however, they’re not necessarily more dynamic when they multitask. Therefore, you need to encourage your employees to concentrate on a single task until completion. Single-tasking enables you and your employees to get more conducted rapidly by not allowing projects to wait on the vine when they’re incomplete. It’s easy for your workers to feel dynamic when they have ten projects ongoing falsely, but nothing gets completed out. Encouraging your employees to concentrate on a single task at a time until the project is done helps your business execute tasks efficiently rather than chipping away at various projects that nothing is ever completed.

Remain with the established procedure

If your business has an already running project, attempting to hasten things can lead to cutting corners. Remain with the established procedure and use services such as beSlick to help assure that procedures are being followed and employees aren’t improvising or skipping steps. If you attempt to cut corners to speed up the procedure, something may be missed, which may have be solved later at a cost of time and resources.

Things run efficiently if you remain true to the process you commenced with. But that doesn’t mean you should never change things up. If you must change a particular procedure, do so deliberately, not because you’re lagging on a given schedule. You may change a particular process in your business, but do so by design and after communication with your staff and that the possible change has been accepted.

Bottom line

You need to strive for your business efficiency, but don’t allow the aim of running a more effective company to overshadow other objectives. The scope of efficiency and productivity is at your fingertips. By instigating the tips listed in this article, you can improve your business efficiency and see an increase in overall profits and productivity.


Rayanne Morriss is currently working towards her BA from Oregon State University. She loves to write, read, travel, and paint. She enjoys finding new coffee shops with friends and expanding her cooking skills with her husband.

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