Improving your business energy efficiency

By Henry Brown

As a business owner it’s so important that you are doing everything possible to maximize your savings and your finances where you can. Cost saving options for a company like yours can start with your energy efficiency. You want to do everything you can to be sustainable and that’s not just about what your customers think of you, but what you think of yourself as an owner.

If you own an office building for example, you want to do what you can to make it as energy efficient as possible so that you can keep your costs low, impress your customers, and give back to the environment. From contacting water softener installation for your home or business specialists, to finding out whether your office building is eligible for wind energy turbines on the roof, there are things that you could be doing to ensure that your company is much more energy efficient. Below we have got some of the best ways to help you to save energy and save the environment.

Get your problem footprint measured. How much of A carbon footprint is your office leaving behind? You might be pleasantly surprised that is not as high as you thought it was, but getting a footprint measurement is going to help you to determine how many tonnes of CO2 per year your office is creating. It’s a good starting point, and it’s a good way to also open the conversation among your colleagues as to how you can be more energy efficient, kind to the environment and sustainable.

-Use sensors where you can. The beauty of technology is that you can use sensor technology to determine what your energy use is. Lights that automatically turn off after a period of stillness, cameras that turn on at certain times of the day, and you can tie systems to your access control system so when the last person leaves the building, the building is set to an empty state. This allows it to remain secure and lit where it needs to be, but it doesn’t use up too much energy.

-Retrofit your office. Usually, the HVAC system of a building has the biggest carbon footprint and usually this is where business owners would start. By installing new HVAC units that are more efficient and use much less energy, you can also add insulation to a building to reduce energy inefficiencies. Make sure that you have your business audited for how much energy you are currently using before you go ahead and start making changes because you could be saving your energy right now and not know it.

-Look at how you are managing your office space. You can be much more efficient with the use of shared spaces and hotdesking than hiring an entire office for a couple of people. Look at how much space is needed per person and how much storage you need and go from there. You can then plan it out correctly so that you have enough space for the people you need rather than an entire office full of people who could be working remotely from home.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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