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As commerce continues to transition online from the strip mall storefronts of the past, the environment for ecommerce becomes more competitive. The market share once largely held by retail corporations is becoming more decentralized and distributed across individuals who have managed to build and grow their online businesses effectively.

The competition for selling to consumers online has led to a land grab for advertising space in what seems like an effort to direct traffic when the goal is really finding parking. As a metaphorical parking attendant, the advertiser¹s goal should really be to increase the chances people will stay and purchase. Online sellers often make the mistake of valuing total site visitors and average time per page metrics over their conversion rate.

Before spending your limited advertising budget on eyeballs, it’s best to understand the psychology that will drive these eyeballs to your checkout page. Being told to “optimize conversion rates” might conjure up an expensive and time-consuming site redesign when in fact it’s the attention to detail that matters most.

The most important component of optimization is measurement. Monitor your metrics with patience as you implement changes to see what works and what doesn¹t. We have compiled these 20 data-backed tips that have proven successful to improve conversion rates across the industry.

20 Data-Driven Tips for Improving Ecommerce Conversion Rates

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