Is your small business reaching for the sky?

By Henry Brown

The chances are that you’ve heard the statement ‘the sky’s the limit’ at some point in your life. It’s what adults tell us when we’re kids in an attempt to encourage us to reach our potential. It’s what boss’s tell us when they want jobs done well. Yet, life seems to contradict the statement at every turn. Something always seems to stand in our way. If you’ve started a small business, you’re probably someone who reaches for the sky. But, are you still implementing this mindset when it comes to the way you do business? Often, the hard world of business can break us down and stop us believing that anything is possible. Of course, it is important to know your small business limits, but only so you can break through them. Here are a few worth considering.

Budget business
Money is the most obvious thing that stands in your way of growing your business. It may be that you want to expand, but your accountant is telling you it’s not possible. Or, perhaps you want to try something different with your product, but a lack of funds is stopping you. It’s time to change your thinking. Instead of dropping your plans when finances don’t support them, think back to your early positive thinking. It’s likely that your finances didn’t support your business idea, either, but you didn’t let that stop you. Of course, we’re not advising you put yourself deeply in debt. But, think of the issue practically. What can you do to ensure you have enough funds? Are there expenses that could be cut? Are there any moves you can take to make extra money? You could always just focus on increasing those all-important profits!

How far can you go?
Every small business owner asks themselves, at some point, how far they can go. Do they want to trade worldwide, go national, or stay local? This is a personal choice, but most of us would like to take things worldwide given a choice. Yet, it can seem like a daunting prospect. And, there are often practical reasons, like language barriers, and added shipping costs, which stop us taking the leap. Again, you just need to change your thinking. There’s no reason these things have to stand in your way. Language barriers aren’t a problem if you use a translation company. Click here to get an idea of which services this option could provide. And, shipping needn’t be too much of a problem, either. All you need to do is work out extra costs!

Your product’s capabilities
Out of everything, it’s most important to think far when it comes to your product’s capabilities. To make things work for the long term, you should forever be improving and enhancing the product you have. Again, many obstacles may stand in your way. Step over them. You may think there’s nothing more you can do, but that’s rarely the case. Brainstorm ideas, and research the market. And, when you do find something, make sure you do everything possible to ensure you can achieve it!


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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