Is your technology working hard to boost employee engagement?

By Henry Brown

Let’s face it; employee engagement is a central ingredient in the recipe for maximized profitability. And if you want your team to stay motivated and productive at all times, it’s imperative that you incorporate the right tech features.

Most business owners now use technology in most aspects of the venture. Sadly, very few do it in a way that truly unlocks the power of employee engagement. So, are your tech facilities working as hard as they should? Here’s what you need to know.

Promoting modern methods  

Technology has had a major influence on work arenas for several years, but there has been a major generational shift in recent times. If you want to keep the younger generation engaged, a modern approach to tech is vital.

Bring Your Own Device schemes have been popularized in recent years. Meanwhile, studies show that young workers can work better on their smartphones compared to computers. Appreciating the changing environment is the only way for engagement to reach a desired high.

If you decide to persist with the outdated approach, it’s likely that engagement will decline very quickly. The harsh reality is that it’s very hard to reclaim.

Avoiding distractions 

Nothing destroys an employee’s engagement and productivity quite like unnecessary distractions. With this in mind, finding ways to prevent those mental blocks and enable your team to focus fully on their work is essential.

Technology is the greatest tool of all.  Tech can automate a whole range of processes ranging from CSA compliance to stock replenishment orders. When those tasks are under control, staff members can focus on the most significant parts of their job, whether it be handling transits or communicating with clients.

Conversely, allowing those distractions to persist can hinder an employee’s ability to perform to their full capacity.

Encouraging smooth communication 

Communication is the backbone of every business. It impacts an employee’s engagement with their work on an individual level as well as a collective one. And with diverse teams spread out across the country or even around the globe, the need for technology has never been more noticeable.

The use of team messaging apps and video conferencing can work wonders for collaboration. It removes the need for lengthy team meetings or business journeys. Also, ensuring that the HR department has the right technology is vital. This will help them handle their important duties with minimal disruption of other staff members.

Crucially, the added sense of clarity allows all team members to know exactly where they stand at any given time. This direction is sure to keep them engaged.

Interactive learning  

Employee engagement isn’t a process that should be limited to the immediate needs of your business. Staff members should be incentivized to work harder. And the prospect of climbing the career ladder by becoming a stronger worker is the answer. It’ll instantly aid the business too.

However, many companies fall into the trap of using stale learning methods. Interactive courses that engross candidates and allow them to develop new skills and ways of thinking are vital. When supported by the emotional reinforcements of their educational success, engagement will soar.

Ensure that all educational facilities are built to generate benefits for employer and employee alike. You won’t regret it.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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