Keeping your mom-and-pop shop competitive (infographic)

With Independent Retailer’s Month this July, mom-and-pop shop owners can do more to elevate their small businesses in the eyes of local-loving shoppers.

The most traditional and well-known of small business types, the mom-and-pop shop is characterized as a modest-sized family-owned storefront with a small number of employees. Mom-and-pop shops can be any variety of brick-and-mortar store types, whether a niche clothing store, corner convenience shop, or even a tiny restaurant that serves special family recipes. Mom-and-pop shops boost their local economies by creating jobs for locals and keeping money within the community, and they also offer personalized shopping experiences in a manner that big box retailers can’t do quite as well.

For a competitive edge as shopping preferences evolve, mom-and-pop shop owners can stay ahead of the curve by taking their offerings online. Crafting a small business website to complement in-store offerings can help expand brand reach and cater to younger, internet-savvy consumers. Additionally, designing a mobile app with exclusive in-store perks incentivizing social media check-ins can boost shopping appeal for customers. Overall, a future-focused approach can set the average mom-and-pop shop apart from competitors while keeping customers interested.

Mom-and-pop stores are key to adding character to what makes a city or town special. Owners of As the face of retail continues to change, mom-and-pop shops owners must employ strategies to help their small businesses remain competitive. Get the most out of summer shopping habits with the infographic below from Fundera for actionable tips to help your mom-and-pop shop thrive against big retail.

How Your Mom & Pop Shop Can Succeed Against Big Retailers

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    renovate the place make something new advertise on social media

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