Leading the way: Keeping communications effective in your small business

By Henry Brown

As a small business owner, you’ll already understand how important your team is regarding the momentum and productivity of your working week. It’s crucial for your company’s success to keep motivation in the office high, and ensure that employees are feeling positive about their role. Therefore, if you feel like your business needs some more pep in its step, it could be time to address the level and style of communication you’re having with each individual and the group as a whole. The best way to discover how to improve things, or understand what’s working for your business, is to listen to and learn from feedback. So, regular feedback should be a focus.

You’ll also want to give your team plenty of confidence in your role as their leader. Leadership doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so it’s crucial to assess your skills, and work hard to better your processes. Again, communication will always be at the forefront of great leadership, which should be coupled will proactive actions that your team can recognize and appreciate. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for small business owners who want to boost the effectiveness of the communication within their team, and lead the way to towards success.

Invest to impress

As previously mentioned, what you communicate through your words and actions will have a direct impact on your team. Your aim should be to hone your leadership skills so that you build confidence within your business, and motivation within your team. It’s worth looking into a course to help develop these crucial skills, or perhaps a communications masters degree could be a worthwhile investment for you personally and for the growth of your business. Similarly, if you’re keen for individuals within your team to develop their skills, it could be worth looking into courses and education that will benefit both them and your business. Investing time and effort into every person that makes up your company will boost productivity, happiness, and function, so it’s worth thinking about.

Make the most of meetings

Ensure that meetings in your company are held regularly, both in a group, and one-to-one basis. Ensure that each one is agenda-led. Encourage open and honest feedback, with professionalism, so you can take issues and achievements on board, and continue to improve things. Make sure that praise is commonplace, but, only when it’s due; your team need to feel appreciated, without seeing you as a pushover. The more you learn from and explain things to your staff, the more they’ll respect you; keep building that respect, and the results will be positive for your brand.

Remember they’re more than staff

It’s important that your employees connect on a deeper level than just as people working in the same business. Therefore, encourage social events and team-building activities outside of the work environment. This will help promote happiness and allow your team to better understand how to work together so that productivity gets a much-needed boost.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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