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By Amelia Varley

Training and onboarding are two things that come to mind when you think of management programs.  Traditionally, such training takes place at a set time and is led by an in-person trainer. But by bringing learning to your employees wherever they need it, management training videos put the power of learning in their hands. While traditional training may be effective in some instances, video training offers plenty of advantages:

Nowadays, employers are looking forward to modern learning methods that save costs and upskill their workforce by using online, blended, or video-based instruction. Video content is a popular way to deliver training content, but why does video-based learning work so well? All industries are currently experiencing great success with educational video content on social media

This article will discuss how management training videos learning can be incorporated into your corporate learning strategy and why it’s so effective. It will also examine why video learning is so powerful.

Why are management training videos so important?

Enhancement of training effectiveness

Videos are more engaging than text when it comes to conveying information. Adding music to your management training videos will make it more entertaining and likely that people will watch it to the end. This method is also more efficient since the data can be delivered simultaneously to a larger group of people.

Learning through video is more engaging

When properly used, it is possible to learn a lot from management training videos. Seeing information is more likely to be retained than reading it. People know more effectively when seeing and hearing images and sounds together. This is due to the brain’s specific visual and auditory stimuli processing. You can use video in your training program or onboarding process to communicate complex concepts that might otherwise be difficult for employees to understand.

The following are examples: If you are helping new hires understand how a particular tool works (e.g., time sheets), you can record yourself using the tool so that they can see what steps need to be taken rather than simply reading about them on your website or internet.

A better understanding of complex concepts

The purpose of this section is to discuss the benefits of using video for training and onboarding.

Learning with video is more effective than learning with text. With video, learners can learn more in less time than text alone since it is a visual medium. According to research, people retain 90% of what they see instead of 10% of what they read!

Employee productivity is higher when they are engaged

The best employee is one who is doing their job. Employees are involved in the company’s goals, culture, and targets.

Employees who feel that their work has meaning, and purpose are more productive and motivated! CEB found that highly engaged employees stay with a company for more than four years. 71% of managers said they would not have hired someone if they had known they were disengaged.

Confidence among employees

Replaying the management training videos allows employees to see how to do something themselves when they have questions. As a result, they don’t have to wait for someone else to help them or answer their questions. Their confidence will increase as they can see how something is done. A training video can also help create an environment where everyone is learning from each other simultaneously if you work with a large team on different tasks.


As we’ve seen in this article, learning and retention can be enhanced with management training videos. Unlike other types of training, video training keeps employees engaged and interested in their education so that they won’t tune out or lose interest! Additionally, it enhances their understanding of complex concepts and boosts their confidence. Everyone involved will benefit from this, from top to bottom.


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