Logo design tips for small businesses

The Mercedes Benz logo has evolved over the decades, but it has always been small, simple and memorable.

Your small business logo should emulate the Mercedez Benz logo, which is simple and memorable.

By Melissa Lang

Small business logo design is vital. Your company logo design represents your brand and your branding style has the ability to connect you with your customer. When faced with the challenge of a small business logo design, it is crucial to find an image that will stand out.

A great logo should subliminally influence customers to believe that your business sells great products. By showing your customers your high standards of business with a captivating, quality logo, then you’ll be sure to build a quicker connection.

Why is small business branding important?

It is true that the most successful small businesses keep branding at the very heart of everything they do. If you are starting up your first business make sure your business’ identity is clear.

Create a brand that your employees will be proud of. Logo design, when done right, has the ability to build deeper connections and associations with consumers and in many cases, consumers hold a brand’s identity close to their hearts.

Symbolize and summarize

Are first impressions important to you? In all honesty, there’s only really one chance to make a good first impression and this is where so many businesses go wrong. If you are running a small venture, an impressionable logo design could be the perfect way to catch your potential customer’s eye, whereas a poor design could damage your businesses reputation and make consumers distrust you from the start, without even having a chance to show them what you can offer.

Have a vision that will allow your future customers to understand exactly what your business is about. Branding should be transparent, and if a customer understands it, they will more than likely keep coming back for more.

Designing your small business logo

Naturally, we are captivated by images rather than text. A visual identity creates a familiarity between your company and the customer. It is unlikely that your small business will have an in-house designer, therefore it is important that you employ someone temporarily to create professional material that can be used time and time again.

A graphic designer is an essential part of business branding and will use quality typography and images. A professional will take a systematic approach and be able to tweak the design from your imagination.

Small, simple, memorable

You’ll want to keep your logo design simple.

It can be tempting for a small business to use an over-the-top design to make them stand out from the crowd. Overworking your design shouldn’t distract you from other elements of your business. The simpler the design, the easier it is to use, and the easier it is for people to recognize and remember.

Small businesses should make sure their logo works both on and off paper. A dynamic brand has a logo that works online and offline, from stationery to business cards, to websites and signs.

It takes, on average, a minimum of six to seven brand touches before someone will remember your brand. Creating a simple design that is easy to read and remember, means that you will leave consumers with a very rare, lasting impression.


Melissa Lang is from Glasgow, Scotland. This author has a keen eye for all things design and has a professional background in marketing and branding. Melissa specializes in small business advice and currently works for logo design brand: https://www.repeatlogo.co.uk/.

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